5 Ways To Raise Non-Fussy Eaters

5 Ways To Raise Non-Fussy Eaters

20 Jan 2022 | 3 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 56 Articles

Are you one of those parents who cater to everything your child wants only because you want him/her to eat? Or the one who forces your child to take just one more bite? Kids need to develop a healthy relationship with food right from the time they start eating solids and these are not the right ways to help them.

We often see parents fussing about how to make food interesting for their picky eaters.

But like celebrity chef Maria Goretti says, kids will only take from you what you give. “I don’t understand why we have to make food interesting for kids, they will only take from you what you give. Yes, I did things like cut roti into different shapes like stars or hearts but still, it would be a roti. I fed them and introduced them to normal home food. By three and a half years kids start eating what is cooked at home so start giving them what is on the table. Do not fuss over food, I have learned that when they are hungry they will eat. Both my kids are non-fussy eaters today,” says Maria.

While giving them what is served on the table is one of the ways to raise non-fussy eaters. Here are some more ways to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food.

How Can You Help Your Child Become A Non-Fussy Eater?

1. Keep The Portions Small

Children often get overwhelmed if they see their plates piled with food. Give them small portions of all the different foods on the table. Let them taste and pick what they like from their plates.


2. Let Them Self Feed

Around 9-11 months babies can independently eat finger foods. Give them finger foods like bananas, boiled apple, boiled potato, carrots(boiled or raw), boiled sweet potato, boiled bitter gourd(lauki), etc. Let them feel the textures, hold the finger food and eat it on their own.

3. Introduce New Foods

Once your baby gets familiar with one food, introduce them to some more new foods. Some babies may take time to get used to the new food or may not want to try it. Don’t force them. Be patient, offer it to them again.

4. Let Them Make A Mess

Let your child enjoy his/her food without you constantly interrupting them by wiping their face and hands. Let them mess and get messy. A good way is to place old newspapers on the floor and keep their high chair on top of it, just in case you’re the one who hates a messy floor. If you keep wiping their hands and mouth while they eat, they will think food is dirty and may never get used to food touching their skin.

5. Eat With Your Children

Make mealtimes fun for children by eating with them

Try and eat at least one meal with your child. Eat the same food as them. Make mealtimes fun, talk about the food on the table, about what they are eating. Ask them their opinions about the food. Show them how you are enjoying the food.

Mealtimes with fussy eaters can be stressful, but it can be a fun time to bond with your kids if you keep some of these simple rules in mind. Bonding over food is the best kind of bonding!


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