Teeth Grinding In Kids: Causes And Symptoms

Teeth Grinding In Kids: Causes And Symptoms

20 Jan 2022 | 2 min Read

Disha Desai

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Teeth grinding in children is a state where they constantly move their jaw making a clicking or grinding sound caused by teeth rubbing. This state is medically termed Bruxism. Kids tend to grind their teeth in the daytime as well as in their sleep. Teeth grinding in kids could be habitual, psychological, or related to a medical condition.

A few common causes of teeth grinding in Kids include:

  • Miss aligned teeth in kids cause irritation which can lead to teeth grinding in kids
  • Few kids tend to grind their teeth to relieve the pain caused by teething, earaches, or any kind of oral discomfort.
  • Cerebral palsy is one of the medical conditions in kids that can lead to teeth grinding.
  • Older children tend to grind their teeth as a reflex to anxiety, anger, frustration, or stress. This can soon become a habit if not controlled at the right time.
  • Personality disorders in children like hyperactive, aggressive, or competitive behaviour can also lead to teeth grinding habits.
  • Sleep apnea is one of the sleeping disorders that may lead to teeth grinding.


To protect your children from health damage caused due to such conditions pay attention to teeth grinding symptoms like:

  • Inner cheek damage while chewing
  • Teeth fractures, chipping, or loosening of the teeth
  • Flattening of the teeth
  • Mild to severe tooth sensitivity
  • Oral soreness with jaw pain or total facial pain
  • Pain in the ears and related ear problems
  • Mild to severe frequent headaches
  • Swollen gums

Such teeth grinding habits if continued can start with mild symptoms like tooth sensitivity, swollen gums in children to severe dental issues. It’s important to stop teeth grinding in children with proper doctor consultation and home care. Also, pay attention to your children to prevent them from developing such habits.

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