5 Reasons To Avoid Using Vaporizing Rubs On Babies

5 Reasons To Avoid Using Vaporizing Rubs On Babies

24 Jan 2022 | 2 min Read

Dr Amit Chitaliya

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Applying vaporizing rubs on the chest and neck when suffering from cough and cold is very common.

Vaporizing rubs contain strong menthol and camphor vapours that cool down the respiratory passage and ease the discomfort.

But the question is “Is VapoRub safe for babies?“

Despite being a fast-acting relief, the use of vaporizing rubs on babies is not preferred by doctors. Here’s why:

  • As mentioned above, vaporizing rubs contain camphor that helps ease congestion and cough. Camphor being easy to absorb when applied to the baby’s skin can lead to toxicity.
  • Inhaling high amounts of camphor can lead to camphor poisoning in babies and can lead to other respiratory infections. It can also cause irritation of the inner respiratory lining in babies.
  • Accidental ingestion of such vaporizing rubs that contain camphor can cause vomiting, nausea, cough, and lethargy.
  • Long term exposure to camphor can lead to serious health hazards like fits/seizures, coma, and death in children.
  • Camphor vapours when exposed to the baby’s face can lead to burning and redness of the eyes, burning of nose and mouth, and dryness.

Where the use of vaporizing rubs can ease the discomfort in adults, it could worsen the condition in babies.

Choose doctor prescribed safer treatments for cough and congestion release in babies and alternative safer options for congestion relief that do not contain camphor.


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