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  • “Having Stretch Marks And Wrinkles Around Your Tummy After Childbirth, Doesn’t Make You Less Sexy Or Beautiful” – Maria Goretti
“Having Stretch Marks And Wrinkles Around Your Tummy After Childbirth, Doesn’t Make You Less Sexy Or Beautiful” – Maria Goretti

“Having Stretch Marks And Wrinkles Around Your Tummy After Childbirth, Doesn’t Make You Less Sexy Or Beautiful” – Maria Goretti

28 Jan 2022 | 4 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 69 Articles

Most women gain weight during pregnancy. Losing that weight is not an easy task. From stretch marks to wrinkles around the tummy, new moms often lose confidence and worry about the way their body looks after giving birth.

In an interview with BabyChakra, VJ, actor, anchor turned chef Maria Goretti opens up about why mothers should own their bodies and more.

Maria admits she is not very comfortable doing such shoots but she couldn’t say “no” to The Tummy Series Campaign by Cosmopolitan. “I dress up a certain way and had never done something like that. But when Cosmopolitan approached me I was like YES! I am doing this coz this needs to be told. I love my body and so should you.”

“How can you expect your body or your stomach to be the way it was when you were 22-24 after you have kids? Your body changes but that does not make you any less sexy or beautiful,” adds Maria.

She’s right when she says that having stretch marks and a few wrinkles in your tummy does not take away anything from you. What is important is to be comfortable with your body. She says, “I have always been comfortable with my body and that’s important.”

Having said that, Goretti says while it’s okay to have wrinkles and stretch marks and for one to own your body, it is also important to balance things out for health reasons. “I am a food person, I could never go on a diet AND I have a terrible sweet tooth! When we go to a restaurant, I always order my dessert after the meal, but I balance it out. I will eat less of the main course but more dessert. I love normal ghar ka khana so I eat more of home-cooked food.”

“Genes play a huge role in how your body shapes out but what one can do is balance out.” She also thanks her metabolism and her genes which help her hide all the sweets she loves to binge on. Her day, she says, begins with a slice of cake and coffee!

Talking about self-love for moms, Maria says one should go with what one feels. Many moms love going out and socializing with friends but stop themselves from doing that because they feel guilty leaving their kids home while they are out having fun.

“I have always been comfortable with what I do. For me, I loved being home with kids, looking after them, picnicking, camping and I enjoyed every bit of it. I was happy driving them to school, etc, and cooking for them. I loved checking into a hotel with my kids and just relaxing. One time, I remember checking into a hotel room and watching the world cup with my kids and that was enough,” says Goretti.

She goes on to add, “But everyone is different, some like going out for some me-time or meeting friends, family, etc. I believe that one should just do things that make them happy, coz if you don’t, then that will build frustration which is not healthy.”

Maria feels that moms don’t need to feel guilty about going out and doing things they like, once in a while. “It’s not like I’ve not had my me time while being a mom. My me time was when I went to study bakery in Paris for a few weeks and I loved it.”

To all the moms out there, as Maria says; Just go with what you feel! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Love your mommy body and also make some time to do things you love, AND remember you are beautiful!

Banner Image Source: Amit Ashar photography


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