11 Fun Date Ideas For A Pregnancy Friendly Valentine’s Day Celebration

11 Fun Date Ideas For A Pregnancy Friendly Valentine’s Day Celebration

13 Feb 2022 | 5 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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It’s that time of the year for red hearts, candlelight dinners, chocolates, flowers, and romance. It’s the one day when couples celebrate romance. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that romance and celebrations should take a back seat.

As a pregnant couple, you have all the more reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Once your baby arrives, your world will revolve around the baby, and your life as  parents will be one roller-coaster ride. So make the most of Valentine’s Day before your baby takes over your world.

Here are our top date ideas for you and your partner as a pregnant couple this Valentine’s Day.

1. Picnic Under The Stars

Pack a picnic basket, take a bottle of some sparkling non-alcoholic drink and get ready to romance under the stars. Many places organize a picnic or camping under the stars kind of night.

If you don’t want to risk going to public places during COVID-19, then the terrace is the best place. All you need is some food, a blanket, a comfortable mat to lie down on, some candles, and flowers to set the mood.

Apps like Star Walk or Sky Safari etc. are great in helping you identify the constellations. Have fun identifying your favorite constellation or just cuddle up under the open sky.


2. Start A Couple’s Pregnancy Journal

What better day than Valentine’s Day to start a couple’s journal. Document your feelings and experiences as a to-be and dad. Add some love notes for your baby too!

Adding photographs to the journal will make it a great way to preserve all the memories of your pregnancy.


3. Quiet Conversations

Pregnant mom and her partner

Sometimes the best way to spend Valentine’s Day is by having some quiet romantic conversations

Sometimes doing nothing and just having quiet conversations are the best way to romance.

Switch off those gadgets and phones, turn off the TV. Light some scented candles and spend time having some romantic conversations. You will remember these moments for a long time to come because once the baby arrives you will have little or no time for moments like this.


4. Antenatal Classes Date

Have an out-of-the-box date by taking an antenatal class together. Pregnancy is not just about getting pregnant, carrying a baby in your stomach for nine months, or giving birth,

There is a lot more to pregnancy and having a baby; like birthing techniques and positions, preparing for labor, caring for a newborn, breastfeeding, etc. While there are books that tell you all about pregnancy, there is nothing better than attending an antenatal class to know more about what to expect to post the birth of a baby as well.


5. Book A Couple’s Spa

A couple’s spa day is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and special time for parents-to-be but at the same time, there are moments when you feel stressed, anxious, tired and the mom-to-be feels heavy too with the extra weight she’s carrying.

There is nothing more relaxing than a good massage, and it’s more fun when you go to a spa together. So a couple’s spa day is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


6. Join A Couple’s Yoga Class

There is no other joy than doing things together as a couple. What better way than joining a pregnancy exercise or yoga class together this Valentine’s Day?

Your partner will appreciate the support, and it’s a great way to spend time together too. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose an exercise or yoga class that is especially for pregnancy.


7. Whip Up Some Romance

Cooking a meal together is therapeutic

Cooking together is something that can never go wrong when it comes to romance. It’s a great opportunity to have fun experimenting with cuisine that you’ve probably never tried cooking before.

Planning and cooking a meal together is therapeutic. So what if you can’t include that bottle of bubbling red wine on the menu? You can still whip up some romance!


8. Plan A Romance Themed Movie Night

Binge-watching movies from the comfort of your home is the best.Set the Valentine’s Day mood with flowers and red heart balloons strewn around the room.

A comfortable couch or floor cushions, a cozy blanket, cushions, popcorn, and some snacks and you’re all set!

Watch some mushy movies together and cozy up.

9. Art And DIY Date

If you’ve watched the painting scene in the movie Titanic, you know how romantic an art date night can be.

You don’t need to be an artist. All you need are some art supplies and imagination. Both of you can work on a painting together or do a series of two for your baby’s nursery.

If painting is not your cup of tea, you can try some DIY crafts that you can use in the baby’s nursery.


10. Have A Game Night

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with a fun game date night. Pull out the board games and get ready for fun and romantic competition. There are many options to choose from for board games.

Some couple appropriate board games are Dice and Spice, Saucy Spins, Bitten and Smitten (the naughty version of the good old Snakes and Ladder), and the Naughty Truth And Dare game.


11. Dance The Night Away

Pick your favorite dance numbers and make a playlist. Order in some dinner and dance the night away.

To give it a dance floor feel you can hire or buy some inexpensive disco lights. Music and dancing with your partner is the best therapy to de-stress especially during pregnancy.

While materialistic gifts are aplenty, it’s the memorable little experiences that count. These things that you do together as a couple are not only fun but are sure to strengthen your bond.

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