DIY Christmas Activities For Your Toddler

DIY Christmas Activities For Your Toddler

I am so excited to share with you these activities for Christmas. These activities are suitable for toddlers from the age of 2 onwards. This is pretty much a DIY shelf – with stuff at home or some from local market.

I have created a Christmas tree with cardstock paper. This  is a fun activity to practice shapes. You could cut out different shapes with red chart paper and ask your toddler to put on the tree. There are only 2 colors – red and green. So it's fairly simple.


The next one is a Montessori shelf.

The first one is a phonetics activity with Christmas decoratives. So I got some items from the local market. So we did a sound game – I asked him where is b (sound of b) and he would place the appropriate object on it.

The second one is a counting game. I had these stocking images on butter paper which I have cut out. So my son had to stick as many of these images, when I spelt out a number.


For the sorting activity, I got some bells, candy canes and bells. And he had to put them in their respective places (3 small plastic containers).



Next is a pre-writing activity, wherein, he could trace different dotted lines. He always enjoys such activities.



Then is a treasure hunt game. I put different little objects in a stocking – like a Santa Claus, car bike, or whatever else is available at home. This turns out to be a great language building game!


Then is a size matching activity – in which the bigger bells have to be placed into the bigger basket and the smaller bells have to go into the smaller basket.

The next activity is about – Building a picture. The pictures are from a book that I had. It's about completing a picture in steps while choosing from incomplete parts.


The last one here is on his little art table – where I have colored popsicle sticks green. My son had to place them in a triangular shape to complete a Christmas tree. I had also got some glitter markers using which he could decorate the Christmas tree.


Series 2

You could get a cute little Christmas tree and get different decorative and help your child to decorate it. My son had a great time doing it.


Then I drew out a Santa Claus and my son had to complete his beard by sticking cotton balls with glue.


I had kept 2 bowls and a spoon. One of them had bells which my son had to lift with the spoon and place into the other.

I created identical cards with Christmas pictures – like Santa Claus, Christmas tree etc. and had a couple of sets which my son had to match.


For an even better understanding of these activities, check out my videos on my YouTube Channel – Mumma Diaries.



Merry Christmas!!

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