Highlights From The Live Chat With Shreya Bathrinath On Breastfeeding And Mother Child Nutrition Part 1

Highlights From The Live Chat With Shreya Bathrinath On Breastfeeding And Mother Child Nutrition Part 1

This Q & A has been compiled from a live chat conducted on BabyChakra with a prenatal and lactation consultant, Shreya S Bathrinath. The questions therein, are actual questions asked by mothers.

Q: My baby is 1 month & 2 days. I want to know if it is ok to feed my baby in lying position. The paedritician says strict no as it may cause ear infection. I read in your ebook that lying down n feeding is a natural position for mom n baby. I am confused.
A: Your doc is right. Sitting erect while feeding is the best position.

Q: My baby is 4 months old and I have recently started Enfamil formula but it seems he doesn't like the taste. Is it OK if I mix my expressed milk with formula and give?
A: Your baby is still too young to start any other feed. WHO recommends 6 months exclusive breastfeeding? It is not ok to mix breastfeed with formula milk. Also while the baby is sucking on the mom, the baby's orofacial muscles get stronger apart from loads of other benefits.

Q: For how long expressed breast milk can be stored? Should it be refrigerated? If yes, should it be warmed before giving to the baby?
A: Monika, breastmilk can be stored in room temperature for up to four hours. If refrigerated it has to be thawed and not heated directly.

Q: Is it better to feed the baby with expressed milk through bottle or with bowl and spoon?

A: If a direct feed has to be done I would recommend cup feeding.

Q: Can a baby as small as one month also cup feed?
A: Even a premature baby can cup feed but recommended only if there is a technical need.

Q: The cup is suggested to be steel or glass or plastic one?

A: A normal sterilized steel cup would do, if required to cup feed.


Q: Is it important to rely on milk to babies and toddlers or can we give other products like paneer, dahi etc.?
A: Up to six months exclusive breast feeding is the need. Post six months the baby's nutrient requirement is not taken care with just breast milk hence you will need to start with other solid foods.

Q: My 6 week old gets restless while eating. She won't eat, only cries while eating. This happens typically in the evening. We can't seem to understand why.

A: This could be because of colic. Please check with your healthcare provider.


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