Mommy Will Be Right Back Series: Taking The First Plunge As A Mommy

Mommy Will Be Right Back Series: Taking The First Plunge As A Mommy

I was lucky. More than lucky. I was lucky and content. After spending years in an MNC with plenty of free international travel and hard work, I was on a timely maternity break. Life was going as per plan. Good work experience, Baby & Resuming when ready. Office in the day and motherhood in the evening. Simple, right?

My maternity break came to an end. I wasn't ready. My extended leave came to an end. I still wasn't ready. I did not see this coming! I had even registered for the day care in my 3rd month. Office and mostly my profession was my identity. I loved my job. I loved the people, the work, the recognition and yes, the pay. But, I still quit. I couldn't leave him when he reached out to me. I couldn't turn my back when he called out. He was too precious and I was too eager to show him his new world.

My family was a blessing and backed me up all the way. I didn't worry about my future. Somehow mommy hood made me courageous that way (sometimes foolish as well). I was clear on what I wanted – bringing up my baby. When I don't trust a stranger with my jewels how can I trust a stranger with my most precious one?

The thought of telling everyone in office I was leaving to be a Stay at Home mom wasn't comfortable. I wasn't ashamed I just didn't want people to judge. I still had that small little doubt of whether my MBA degree at one of India's top B-schools had gone waste. I needed back up. No one else but my new found buddy baby was with me. Off came the Id card! Bye bye laptop bag and hello big diaper bag I walked out the glossy glass office building. I stole a glance back at the gate and told buddy baby – 'It's not the end of my work life. This mommy will be right back.'

Lessons I Learnt Only After Quitting the Job:

1. My profession isn't my identity. The next time I introduced myself, I thought deeper than what I did. I told others who I am instead.

2. My goal in life became more clear. In the extremely busy work life what I wanted was replaced with what I was getting. I had the chance to pursue my interest and I didn't want a '8:00 am to 8:30 pm' stop me.

3. Investing in relationships is tougher and more rewarding than any other investment I'll ever make.

4. Taking risks in life is worth it if you have the conviction to pull through and bounce back if you fail.

5. Yeh Break to Banta Hai!

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