6 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Kids!

6 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Kids!

Christmas is one of those times of the year which children look  forward to! Tree decorations to sighting Santa Claus, from cakes and pastries to new gifts, everything excites them. So, why not make our little ones' special Christmas even more special with these 6 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas:



1. Advent Calendar



The Advent calendar is the cutest way to keep your kids excited about Christmas. It has 24 gifts, 1 gift for every day in December till the Christmas Day. You can buy it from various online stores or you can easily make it at home with 24 small boxes or pouches or envelopes.


2. Wish Coupons


An envelope of wish coupons that kids can 'spend' at any time, like Date with Papa, Family Movie Night, Staying up late, etc. These are super easy to make at home, just pen down your child's most wanted wish and be fair while fulfilling it. You can even download them from the internet and just print them.


3. Kid's own personal space:



Envision their excitement and happiness on Christmas morning awakening to a special place made only for them to do whatever they want. A personal tent or a room, in fact, a wall where your kid can paint fearlessly, would be perfect as a Christmas gift.


4. Family Vacation:


This Christmas, gift your kid a family vacation and announce the vacation by presenting a travel related gift to him/her like a suitcase, goggles, hat, or anything that he/she will need for the trip. Don't forget to capture the moment of the announcement! You are sure to cherish them later!


5. Monthly Subscriptions:



Don't you think your kid will really get charged up if she receives a gift box every month? This is my personal favourite, my little girl really enjoys opening a new box of activities every month. You could try this one out by subscribing to one such as Wonderboxx, MagicCrate, Flintobox or some other!


6. Joy of Giving:



Shop 2 sets of the same gift with your child and later, encourage your kid to present one of them to an underprivileged child. Your kid will not only have a new experience, but, also he will learn the joy of giving. Start this as a new Christmas tradition because there is just something very special about giving.


You can always try different gifts – it could be an experience, a toy, a book, or anything else that your child will look forward to but a gift is a must. After all, Christmas is a magical time, so live the magic with your child!

Merry Christmas!


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