5 Ways to help your child have a rocking sports and annual day celebration

5 Ways to help your child have a rocking sports and annual day celebration

The school term after the Diwali break is a time I always look forward to, as it means waiting to watch my son in action on the stage or sports ground. Since the time he's been going to school, sports day and annual day celebrations excite me, as I feel that it is like seeing a part of me that is creating magic under the spotlight.

There's something about watching your child perform in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes, and it's natural for each parent to want their little one to be a rock star in action. Though teachers do a lot to buoy up the kids to give their best to any school event, we too, as parents can do our bit to ensure that their kids shed their inhibitions and play their part to the fullest.

Here's how you can encourage your child at home to enjoy his spot in the limelight with ease and confidence.


Tips to ensure an enjoyable sports and annual day celebration at school

All charged up

If you're excited that your little one is going to be on the big stage, show it! He may be playing a blink-and-miss part, but express eagerness about it. Tell him how pumped the family is to watch him perform. Encourage him to talk about school practice sessions. Your enthusiasm will prod him to open up about it.



Practice is the word

Turn your living room into a stage. Each day, set some time for your child to practice his part. If he is too young to share what it is, find out from his teacher.

So if he will be sprinting in a race, put on your sneakers and practice running with him during playtime. If he's going to be dancing at the annual day celebration, play his song often and encourage him to groove.

Ask the entire family to pose as an encouraging audience. Or you could even prop up his favourite toys as spectators. Then on D-day, he will be more than happy to do his best.


Play dress up

Don't children love role playing? And they love it even more so when they're dressed for it. Have your own little dress rehearsal before the big day for your child to feel his part.


Participation is everything

Pressurizing our kids into winning will just stress them out. It's key to let your darling know that participating in an event of such magnitude is a feat by itself. Winning is secondary.



Watch artists in the flesh

Take your child to the theatre to enjoy a play or a dance performance. The ambience and the applause of a live show will surely make him look forward to being in the spotlight.

At the end of the day, we all want our little stars to shine with happiness and feel great about whatever they do. So let's not force, but ease them into the spirit of being a performer and surely, the enthusiasm will show.

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