10 Weird Pregnancy Myths In India That Will Shock You

10 Weird Pregnancy Myths In India That Will Shock You

A pregnant woman is bound to get a lot of advice but some are simply hilarious! Good for a lugh though…

1. The shape of the stomach can determine the sex of the baby.

In India, people believe that a big round belly means a boy, and an oval belly means a girl. There is another myth that says if a woman's belly is high, it is a girl and if she is carrying low, it is a boy.

Fact: The shape of the stomach depends on the pregnant woman's stature, amount of amniotic fluid and how the baby lays in the womb. There is no known science that can predict the sex of the baby by just looking at the shape of the stomach or how high or low the belly is.


2. Indulging in an activity during an eclipse will give birth to a baby with some deformity.

Pregnant ladies are advised to stay inside the house with their windows shut and curtains drawn so that no harmful rays can fall on their body. They are also told to pray or recite mantras the whole duration of the eclipse to not let any evil force affect their baby.

Fact: An eclipse is a natural phenomenon that has no bearing on the physical development of the baby in the womb. However, do not go about looking at an eclipse with a naked eye. This is a precaution not only for pregnant women, but for everyone.


3. Consuming white or light coloured foods will ensure a baby with a fair complexion, and eating dark coloured foods will give a dark complexioned baby.

If that were really the case, there would be no black and brown babies in this world. There is no proven science behind this claim. Consuming saffron or turmeric milk or eating butter and bread will not affect a baby's complexion.

Fact: Skin colour depends on the genes, rather than the foods a mother consumes.


4. Cravings for savoury foods means a girl and cravings for sweets means a boy.

Fact: Women who  crave for savoury foods like pickles are actually craving for salt. Similarly, pregnant women who crave for sweets, are actually looking for comfort. Sugar found in ice creams, cakes and chocolates produces serotonin in the body, which makes them feel good.


5. Suffering from acidity and constant heart burn is due to a baby with lots of hair.

If a pregnant woman is suffering from acidity and heart burn, it is believed that her baby will be born with lots of hair.

Fact: Heartburn is a common problem during pregnancy and has nothing do with hair on your baby's body. There have been enough bald babies born to women who have had heartburn throughout their pregnancy. ;)


6. A mother's pregnancy and delivery can determine her daughter's pregnancy and delivery as well.

Fact: Hereditary factors do not play any role in the pregnancy or delivery, it is the size and

position of the baby, the woman's lifestyle and diet, etc. that determine whether the pregnancy

will be easy or difficult.


7. Eating fruits like papaya and pineapple can lead to miscarriage.

Fact: Papain in papaya (usually found in the unripe fruit) is known to induce premature contractions. However, there is no harm in eating ripe papaya and pineapple.


8. Eating ghee and home made butter will ensure a smooth delivery.

Fact: Having a normal delivery depends on the shape of the mother's pelvis, the size and position of the fetus, besides the flexibility of muscles. Though there is no harm in eating a little ghee and butter, it certainly doesn't guarantee a smooth delivery!


9. Denying food cravings will lead to a baby being born with birthmark in the shape of that food.

This one absolutely takes the prize!

Fact: If this were true, almost all babies would be born with birthmarks in the of shapes of chocolates, cakes, ladoos and jalebis.


10. Sex during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.

Another popular myth, sex is considered to induce miscarriage or pre-term labour.

Fact: It depends on the couple's comfort level and their doctor's advise. As long as they indulge in sex in comfortable positions without putting pressure on the tummy, sex during pregnancy is not prohibited.


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