Top 5 Christmas Costume Ideas For Girls

Top 5 Christmas Costume Ideas For Girls

Dolling up a baby girl in pretty costumes is a dream something that many mothers harbour even while they are expecting or planning a baby. And Christmas and New Year offers some picture-perfect costumes and accessories to do that!


1. Christmasy Headbands


Source: Hopscotch

Young girls even with little or no hair look  just so pretty with a headband. The red bands with reindeer antlers are the cutest of the ones you get during Christmas.


2. Tutu frocks


Source: Hopscotch

These simple yet bright frocks make your tiny tots dressed up, yet they are comfortable enough to run around and play.


3. Tootsies


Source: Hopscotch

Keep your little girl's feet warm and comfortable with this stylish pair of socks. Attractive print and ruffled cuffs give it a pretty look.


4. Elf Apron

Source: Hopscotch

Your daughter can help you in the Christmas cooking and baking, be it cakes or brownies or chicken! Your little helper will be disguised as Santa's Little Helper and you can then enjoy your time together. :)


5. Santa Claus herself!!


Source: Hopscotch

While Santa is always visualised as a nice, old man, a little girl dressed up as Santa could draw eyeballs too! For who wouldn't like to receive cute gifts from a pretty little girl!

Merry Christmas! Have a great one with your little ones:) And wish you a very happy new year in advance!


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