4 Fun And Easy Christmas Crafts

4 Fun And Easy Christmas Crafts

So, the best season of the year is finally here!! Yes, it's Christmas time!!! Haven't decided what stuff to get for Christmas decoration as yet? No worries! This is the best time, to display your kid's talent and keep them busy this holiday season.


Here are 4 Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts you can enjoy making  with your kids this month.


1. Craft stick Christmas tree ornament



A very simple and cute, craft stick Christmas tree, to hang on your Christmas tree. All you need is some craft sticks, paint, glue, ribbons, rhinestones and a star.


2. Paper plate Santa



The most awaited person during Christmas is coming to your homes!! Kids are absolutely going to love doing this. Just give them a paper plate, cotton balls, a red construction paper, googly eyes, red pom pom, glue and scissors.


3. Paper Snowflake


Snowflakes falling from high,

They're magnificent you can't deny!

Grab some white paper and scissors and then you'll have snowflakes fall on a quiet winter day.


4. Sock Snowman



Hunt for a sock without a partner, to make a cute little snowman! You'll need things easy available at your homes, a sock, uncooked rice, rubber band, buttons for decoration, googly eyes, red push pin for nose and a strip of fabric or ribbon for scarf. You can place the snowman next to your Christmas tree or use it as an ornament for your Christmas tree.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite craft and Craft.Set.Go!! Your children are sure to love it.


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