How to make crisp, paper-thin dosas at home

How to make crisp, paper-thin dosas at home

It was T's star birthday which his awesome grandparents celebrated in grand style. Everyone gorged on yum food and I needless to say on 'Dosas', at the function and at home. I simply cannot get enough of CRISP paper thin dosas which my MIL is a total goddess at!

So after three days of oblivion on whether my fridge was stocked up for the coming week or not I came home to a rude shock of a nearly empty fridge. I really didn't have the time to go veg shopping for T so I could fix him his regular meal so I decided to make do with what I had and this is what I had:

1. Half a red pepper

2. 1 small Apple &

3. 2 medium carrots

I figured the combination was a little odd but since all the given fruit and veg were inherently sweet in nature I thought this could turn out to be an interesting one and it sure did!




Here's what I did:

1. Grated the pepper, apple and carrots

2. Sautéed it all in a teaspoon of ghee

3. Added in a cup of water &

4. Cooked until it got real soft

5. A tablespoon of fresh cream / Malai

6. Added in half a Katori of slightly mashed steamed white rice

Thrilled to report T relished his lunch and even had a scoop of cold curd to 'seal the deal'. Happy Tummy equals Happy Mummy


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