Celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids

21 Dec 2015 | 3 min Read

Preeti Athri

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Once upon a time, a New Year’s Eve party for me meant enjoying a wild night of revelry with close friends. But now, after stepping into parenthood, a wild party takes a different meaning altogether, to say the least.

But having children need not stop you from ringing in a fresh year with excitement and cheer. Celebrating New Year’s Eve can be fun for the entire family. After all, who said New Year’s parties are only for ‘big people’? Here are few tips for an enjoyable New Year’s Eve with


How to have a fun New Year’s Eve with kids

Talk about the R-word

Resolutions are a great way to teach your little one the   big deal about welcoming the New Year. By this, we don’t mean forcing your child to chart out a complicated list of resolutions. It can even be really simple, achievable tasks, such as resolving to put the toys away, for example.


Decorate and dress up

There’s nothing like a little bit of decoration to set up the mood. If the party’s at home, make it into a theme night. Dress up and dress the kids up to pump up the excitement.


Make fun mocktails

To avoid shooing kids away from taking a sip from your glass (ahem!) during the party, stir up great-looking mocktails that look better than grown-up’s drinks. Top them up with bits of jelly, tutti-frutti or fruity ice, to keep them busy.



Bond over food

You may be ordering a party takeaway, but make the most of family bonding by making simple finger food. You could all huddle over a pot of cheese or chocolate fondue. Or bake DIY pizzas or cupcakes for each other.


Shake it!

A rocking New Year’s Eve with kids will be incomplete without a great playlist the whole family can shake a leg to. Choose the year’s most foot-tapping numbers and go crazy.


Burn up the old

Ask your kids to throw little bits of paper with negative emotions written onto them into a little fire. Tell them to be fresh and happy in the coming year.



Play good old board games as a family. Dumb charades, musical chairs or housie are all-time hits. Add your own twist to these games. You could even hide a few ‘lucky coins’ in the New Year cake and ask the kids to dig them out as they tuck into the cake.


Bring out the fireworks

If you have leftover Diwali fireworks stowed away, this is the best time to get them out and ring in the new year with a bang.



Prepone the countdown

Sometimes our little sleepyheads cannot last up till midnight. Turn the hands of the clock to twelve and have a mock countdown and throw around the confetti and wishes so that the kids can sleep in peace.


Throw in a movie and popcorn night

If your kids are still awake and you need some “big people” conversation, play a movie DVD and huddle them up with some hot chocolate and popcorn.


Plan ahead

Plan a bit ahead of the New Year’s Eve party so that you can make the most of it for your kids, wherever celebrated.

Happy New Year to all of you! Make a winning entry with your kids for sure. Don’t miss to share these ideas if you like them!

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