7 Amazing Gift ideas for Moms-to-be

Shopping for women can be tough, and doing so for an expecting mother a tad bit more! If you have a friend or spouse who is expecting, gift her one of these and let her know how special she is!

1. Books:

Even for a person who isn't a great reader, a book on what to expect when you are expecting or after the child is born, or a guide to child care, can be a very useful resource!

Book: Passport to a healthy pregnancy by Dr Gita Arjun

Guide to Child Care: Dr RK Anand

2. Prenatal massage:

Well, who can say no to a relaxing massage session? Definitely not an expecting mother. You really can't go wrong with this one, it is said that for optimum health and happiness, pregnant women should receive massage therapy as often as they have a prenatal appointment. So go ahead and schedule a massage for her or get her a gift card (but do make sure they offer the massage by a certified prenatal massage therapist). Voila! Her day is made.

3. Maternity Photography Session:

Regardless of how she feels about her pregnant look, she will definitely want to remember it down the road. Book her a professional maternity photography session which she is bound to cherish even after she has gone back to her old jeans!

4. Pregnancy pillow:

This is a must-have item for any pregnant woman. A full body pillow could provide all the support and comfort her body needs during this phase. You can buy this off an online store.

5. Maternity Wear:

Being out of size of her existing clothes can be the most annoying thought a woman can ever get! Around or after the second trimester, she will definitely need some comfortable yet feel-good clothes. And shoes too, especially if she isn't the one who wears flats. So buy her a couple of pretty maternity dresses or comfortable, padded flats and she will be ever thankful :)

6. Sonogram frame:

We all know how parents are, give them a camera and they cannot stop clicking their child. Be it the first day of school or them eating food, every moment is precious. So why not get them a sonogram frame to cherish the first time ever they see their little one. Some of the popular online stores have a good collection!

7. A gift hamper with bathing essentials:

Gift her a chance to indulge in some relaxation with some fragrant oils, organic body or hair wash , body butter, anti-stretch cream or oil and other products which make her feel fresh and nice every day. You can choose to either buy from a brand or make your own little hamper set with similar products.

So go ahead and make that mom-to-be in your life feel really special and loved! The festive season ahead may be a good time to do so!

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