Excerpts from LiveChat with Gynecologist from W Hospital: Your Gynecological Health

Excerpts from LiveChat with Gynecologist from W Hospital: Your Gynecological Health

Q: What should be the ideal gap between two kids?

A: If the first delivery is through C-section, the gap should be more than 3 years. Otherwise, if it is normal delivery, 2 years is alright.


Q: I delivered my first child via normal delivery. But I am still struggling with bodyache, backache and low vitamin D. During night time I get cramps in my legs /shoulders. These things make it difficult for me to take care of my little one. What should I do?

A: You can expose yourself to sun light and take vitamin supplements. Also if you are lactating, take calcium supplement and adequate rest.


Q: It has been 2 years since I had a C-section. What should be the ideal frequency of getting check-ups? And what should they include?

A: The ideal frequency for getting check-ups after a C-section is 6 months. Only a detailed gynaecologic check-up is fine. No vitamin check-up is required. Iron and calcium supplement with proper diet will do.


Q: I am 43 years old, earlier I used to menstruate for 4-5 days and now I menstruate only for 2 days. Is this normal? I am not experiencing any problem.

A: You need to see a gynaecologist. It is important to find the cause whenever there is a change in menstrual cycle.


Q: Can you throw light on the most common ailments related to mothers (even as we age) and preventive measures that can be taken?

A: White discharge per vagina, regular gynaecological check up every 6 months is necessary as cancer of the mouth of uterus is common in India so all Indian females should screen their cervix i.e. mouth of uterus regularly.


Q: I have previously conceived through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). Will there be any complications if I go for it now, at the age of 43 years?

A: As age increases the complication in pregnancy also increases. Go for the 2nd child only if you are very keen.


Q: Is it normal to have white discharge all day, after 4 months of delivery?

A: Yes, provided it is not foul smelling and not associated with itching. If it is foul smelling or associated with itching, it requires to be investigated by Pap smear and Colposcopy.


Q: What is the ideal gap between taking vaccination for cervical cancer and delivery?

A: Vaccine of cervical cancer is only effective if it is taken before 1st sexual act. One can take vaccine after 30 but prevention is not 100%. There is no relation between delivery and taking vaccine for cervical cancer.


Q: What is a haemorrhagic cyst? Are these cysts painful? Does it need surgery or can be removed through medication?

A: Haemorrhagic cyst is a cyst containing blood. And yes, these cysts are painful and can be removed through medication. But it requires surgery if it is causing pain or if it is more than 4 cm.


Q: Should breast lumps be treated? They occur just before the menstrual cycle.

A: Lumps before the menstrual cycle are hormone dependant so there is no need to treat them, provided the mammography is normal.


Q: Is there any treatment for regular normal white discharge? I have taken AF kit but there is no improvement.

A: White discharge is a normal phenomenon and requires treatment only if it is infected. If it is not responding to medication, then go ahead and get the Pap smear or Colposcopy done.


Q: When can one resume intimacy after normal delivery?

A: After 2 months of normal delivery.


Q: Does everyone need to get a pap smear and if so how often?

A: After 30 years of age, it is necessary for every woman to get a pap smear done once in every 2 years. And if the PAP report is abnormal, get the Colposcopy done immediately.


Q: From where can I get the pap done? How much does it cost? Is it painful?

A: Any gynaecologist can do it and the cost depends on the hospital and the doctor. And it is not at all painful, neither is colonoscopy.


Q: What check-ups should be done after 40?

A: A thorough gynaecologic check-up, PAP test, Ultrasound pelvis & trans vaginal scans, Blood sugar, and Thyroid test. And these check-ups should be done every year, even if there are no complaints.

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