Excerpts of LiveChat with Rashmee Gajra Bhatia: All questions on Babywearing answered – Part 1

Excerpts of LiveChat with Rashmee Gajra Bhatia: All questions on Babywearing answered – Part 1

Q: Which types of carriers are recommended to feed babies on the go?

A: Depending on the age of the baby, if you have a really tiny squish, a wrap works really well. If you are comfortable using a soft structured ergonomic carrier when the baby is older, there are some available in the market now which allow for easy nursing in public discretely.


Q: I find it impossible to feed my baby in a soft structured carrier. What should I do?

A: You need to loosen the straps. There are adjusters to loosen the shoulder straps to make them a perfect fit. After that, pop your breast out in a comfortable breastfeeding shirt and use a hood if needed. You are good to go. Basically, when one loosens the straps, one is able to get baby down to the level of the breast, enabling easy access and easy breastfeeding.


Q: My son is 2.5 years old. It has been a while since I used a baby carrier. I am planning to do so again. Can such toddlers be carried and for how long will it be comfortable for me and the baby? Which product do I use and where can I get one? I have tried and all stores say toddlers are not carried. Most moms use prams.

A: There are a few things that we need to understand first, toddlers usually aren't carried all the time, and when they are, it's typically when they agree to or want 'godi'. There are specific toddler carriers like the Anmol toddler carriers, or hand woven wraps, in which toddlers can be comfortably worn.


Q: When can one start babywearing? My baby is 1 year old.

A: You can start babywearing in a wrap for a 1 day old baby. It helps to create a bond between father and the baby while mommy is getting some rest. It is a great time for you to start babywearing now. Make sure you find yourself an ergonomic carrier that allows comfortable babywearing in a healthy way. It should be gentle as well.


Q: Is it okay to use baby carrier for a big toddler? Will it lead to back problems?

A: Using baby carrier for a big toddler may lead to back problems if you do not go gently on building up the wearing time. Therefore, you need to get a carrier that allows for good support, and wear your baby in frequent intervals at a time span of 10 minutes to begin with (say 10 minutes 4 times a day) till your body gets used to the act of wearing your baby and the muscles that are getting exercised do so, and can keep up with this new form.


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