9 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids That Will Leave You Laughing Your Heart Out

9 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids That Will Leave You Laughing Your Heart Out

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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We all know how adorable and cute kids can be. We’ve seen them make that face to which we couldn’t help but say ‘aww’ and that funny moment which made us laugh so hard that our face started hurting. What we fail to notice, or even consider is that sometimes kids can get pretty nasty when they are being brutally honest.

We guarantee that these 9 hilarious, but honest to heart notes left by kids will make you laugh until you cry.

1. This not so apologetic apology

This kid proves that although you might be able to make your kid write an apology letter, you won’t be able to make them say sorry like they mean it.

not an apology letter

Credits | Imgur

2. This angry response

What do you do when your sweetest intentions get shattered so brutally in front of your eyes like this? Just hope that you don’t have to face that tantrum when your kid gets home.

angry response

Credits | Imgur

3. This detailed instruction manual

We’re pretty sure that this kid isn’t joking. You have to be pretty daring (or foolhardy) to try and test this out and see if they actually mean it, because at the end of the day, no matter what days you’ve seen, you don’t want to be hit with your own ripped off limbs.

instruction manual

Credits | Imgur

4. This ‘heartfelt’ letter

They say that the true measure of innocence in kids is reflected in their capacity for honesty. No matter the intention, the reality is that the truth is always painful and in the end you wish that your kid had just lied.

heartfelt letter

Credits | Imgur

5. This bitter realisation

If you break a kid’s whole belief system, don’t think that there wouldn’t be any repercussions. This is what happened when these parents thought that it would be a good idea to tell their daughter that Santa did not exist.

bitter realisation

Credits | Imgur

6. This angry letter

They say that it is better to let go and forgive when you’re angry. But who’s going to explain that to this little girl who got lice from her cousin when she had come over for the holidays.

angry lice letter

Credits | Imgur

7. This reminder

This kid leaves no place for excuses in this detailed explanatory reminder for his dad, complete with illustrations. There is no possible way that his dad can get out of this one now.

reminder letter for dad

Credits | Imgur

8. This consolation letter

Okay, this one isn’t that brutal. The ‘poum’ that this kid wrote for her mother is too adorable.

consolation letter

Credits | Imgur

9. This countdown

And… this is what happens when you ask first graders to write letters to people in a nursing home.

time's up

Credits | Imgur










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