9 Post Pregnancy Beauty

9 Post Pregnancy Beauty

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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All the movies you see, books you read, videos you watch and other mothers you speak to tell you about this magical phase in your life, no one tells you what you lose in the process. On one side you see your belly grow but on the other you know it will leave a scarring stretch mark. You see your breasts getting fuller but you know it will only turn saggy after a while. These beauty hacks are a must for every newbie mom.

1. Keep it glowing

One of the saddening parts is losing the pregnancy glow after your baby is born. So don’t lose heart. Just increase your intake of antioxidants like berries, plums, oranges, raisins. Dark chocolate is also a rich source of antioxidant.

2. Hydration is the key

A lot of fluids is lost during birthing. To restore these fluids in your body, the only solution is drinking ample amount of water. You can also make it a habit to have a glass of fresh juice every day.

3. Say no to stretch marks

Those ugly stretch marks definitely need to go. Make it a compulsion to apply olive oil or castor oil over the affected area and massage it for 10-15 minutes. This helps the skin to evenly spread. Also, use a good quality moisturizer over the marks after a bath.

4. Fix your patches

Due to the high levels of pregnancy hormones which suddenly decreases after giving birth, there are noticeable light brown or dark patches over the face. To reduce these, apply moisturizer a couple of times throughout the day, preferably the one with SPF. Few home remedies include applying freshly cut garlic over the spots, wipe your face with rose water and apply orange peel mask.

5. No more dark circles

Your sleep is reduced by the arrival of the baby. This gives you puffy eyes with dark circles. To reduce these dark circles, cut fresh cucumber and place them over your eyes for 15-20 minutes daily. Another beauty hack can be by putting tea bag after dipping it with cold water over the eyes to reduce puffiness.

6. Sleep with the baby

This the most common yet one of the most important points for all newbie moms. Proper rest is an essential factor. So don’t let your baby take away your sleep leaving you tired throughout the day. The most effective solution is to sleep when your baby sleeps, this way you can catch up on your sleep.

7. Why should you lose hair?

Another common symptom post pregnancy is hair loss. You may not have time to wash your hair regularly as you are too busy answering your baby’s needs. But make sure you take out time to take care of your precious thick and long strands. Apply coconut oil an hour before your hair wash and you can protect your hair from drying and falling off.

8. Dry skin

Post pregnancy, you might notice chapped lips, dry skin and brittle nails. This is due to the loss of nutrition from your body. Make it a must to apply good quality extra hydration moisturizer daily. Creams rich in cocoa butter can also be useful. Consult your dermatologist for more details.

9. Exercise is the key to everything

You want to lose the extra weight or get back that flawless skin, exercise is the solution to all your problems. Refrain from doing heavy exercise immediately after the birth of your child. 10-15 minutes of walk daily can do wonders for you.

I am sure, with these solutions and tips, your post pregnancy shall be a piece of cake.











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