9 Questions Women Have About Their Bodies

9 Questions Women Have About Their Bodies

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Human bodies are undoubtedly pieces of art and subjects of fascination. Throughout our lives, we go through a lot of changes in our bodies. Curiosity is therefore quite natural. Women like us, we have a lot of questions, confusions and doubts in our minds about our very own bodies. Here are all the questions:

1. I have hair on my upper lips and cheeks, is it abnormal?

Absolutely not. We all have that. Though the quantity and coarseness varies from person to person. Some women have hair on their forehead, stomach and back too. This is absolutely normal. The variations are due to varied hormonal composition. This is not a matter to be worried about unless your hair grows very densely and in clusters. Even that depends on your choice, whether or not to get rid of them. Be proud and confident of your body!

2. Do girls masturbate?

Of course. This subject is still a taboo, especially when it comes to girls. However, there is no reason to be scared or guilty of, if you wish to masturbate and please yourself.

3. Why didn’t I bleed after the first time?

When girls lose their virginity, i.e., have sex for the first time, they are supposed to bleed due to tearing of hymen. Hymen is a membrane very close to the entrance of vagina which is supposed to tear while having sex for the first time and thus leading to slight bleeding. However, this membrane gets torn even without ‘losing’ your virginity by doing physical activities like cycling, stretching, running and horse-riding. Therefore it is not necessary for a girl to bleed after having sex for the first time.

4. What do I do with my hair down there?

It is natural to have hair around genitals. The most important thing to do with them is to keep them thoroughly clean so as to maintain hygiene around your private parts. Further, you might opt to trim or shave or wax them depending upon your comfort level. Just remember to do everything the hygienic way.

5. Are my breasts too small (or too big)?

Breasts do not come in a standard size. Embrace the size of breasts you have and do not feel ashamed.

6. Should I use a vaginal wash?

The market is flooded with loads of vaginal washes that claim to provide a certain pH balance. However, these products are not really necessary as your vagina is capable of keeping its pH right on its own, unless otherwise advised by your doctor for medical reasons. Just wash your vagina regularly with soap and water and dry it afterwards. You are good to go!

7. How does orgasm feel like?

Women do not reach orgasms as much as men do and neglect it too. Hence, there’s always that curiosity of what it would feel like? Well, it cannot be bound in a definition. But what you can be certain of is this is an intense feeling that makes you feel good from the inside. Your body might tighten, arch and then relax while going through the entire orgasm thing.

8. Is it normal to have one boob smaller than the other?

It is quite natural to have breasts that are not equal in size. Absolutely nothing to worry about!

9. Why do I get this vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharges are normal and very common. However, sometimes they might be an issue if it is of a peculiar smell or colour. This would be an indicator that something is wrong with your body. Too much discharge isn’t a good sign either. So look out and in case you notice anything different, consult your gynaecologist as soon as possible.