9 Reasons Why Moms Are The Absolute Best Xyz

9 Reasons Why Moms Are The Absolute Best Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Moms are the most special people in a person’s life – they’re the ones that carried you around for 9 months till you were born, gave birth to you and then even raised you till you were strong and independent. They deserve all the appreciation and more, and even all the ‘Thank You’s in the world won’t be enough for what they have done for everyone around them!

Although listing only 10 reasons why they’re awesome is hard, here are the top 10:

1. She is the most selfless person ever

Imagine sharing your womb for 9 whole months! And apart from that, think of all the things that she has done for you and for everyone else around her. If someone needs or is missing something, the first one to be called is her. And more often than not, she usually drops everything and rushes to help.

2. She is your best friend

No one can be more compassionate, empathetic and understanding than your mom. She has been through everything you have – and she wants what’s best for you. She’ll listen to all you have to say, won’t judge you and give you the best advice.

3. She’s an inspiration!

You can’t even imagine the things she’s done for everyone. She inspires you in every way, with her strength, compassion, determination, selflessness and love.

4. Her unconditional love for you

People may come and people may go, but your mom is your constant for life. You never need to be worried that she won’t love you, because no matter what, she always will.

5. She’s your number one supporter

In your highs and in your lows, she’ll hold your hand. She’s been supporting you through all the phases of your life, and when you win at something, you know she’ll be there, cheering the loudest! You won’t meet another person who lives for your accomplishments like she does!

6. She’s your first and best teacher

She’s taught you right from how to poop and how to pee, to how to choose the right clothes for the occasion, to how to drive a car, to how to select a partner for life. She corrects your mistakes, and isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong.

7. She’ll always show you the right way

Your mom will always want what is best for you – and that’s exactly why you can count on her to always point you in the right direction. Either you learn from your mistakes, or you learn from hers. She’ll lead by example, and show you what the right thing is to be done.

8. She makes you laugh

She’s funny! She makes you laugh, either because she’s cracking jokes or she’s bringing up all your childhood naughtiness. She can be sarcastic and witty, and take your case at times, but it’s all in good humour, and your mom and you share that bond which lets you take a joke on yourselves.

9. She gives the best hugs!

It doesn’t matter when you saw her last – two hours ago, two months or two years ago. You’re always going to get the warmest hugs from her! She’ll always hug you like she hasn’t seen you in years.

Honestly, words aren’t enough to tell moms how amazing they are! This is a huge shout-out to all the moms out there, for the awesome work they do, day-in and day-out! Now go give her the big bear hug she deserves, and tell her how much you love her!











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