9 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 40

9 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 40

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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1. Start working out


You do not want to be that person whining about her back and shoulder aches, the pain is ruthless after a certain age. Staying active is necessary even if it’s a 30-minute walk in the park nearby. Do not stall your body, keep those muscles moving.

2. Go to a concert


Even if you absolutely hate the thought of spending your weekends among a swarm of wild 20-year-olds, attend one. A collective immersive experience so memorable, every time that one song comes up on the radio it will evoke pure nostalgia.

3. Public Speaking


Yup, if you’re one of those people, get it over with as soon as you can. Talk in front of a large group of people you’re afraid of making a bad impression on, not family. Preferably in a formal setting or an open-mic doing standup comedy if that sort of thing is appealing, you might even get a few chuckles.

4. Go to the beach


The sea pulling you in as you stand by the shore, midnight walks under the moonlight, the cool breeze and the sound of waves hitting the rocks. One of those things which have to be experienced to fully grasp the awe of.

5. Get a job


Working a job means responsibility. Being accountable to a person with higher authority gives you a sense of purpose towards completing a task, it may not be satisfactory at first but it makes you reflect on your career choices and evolve professionally.

6. Go abroad


Air travel is ridiculously cheap today compared to a decade ago, just get on a plane and fly off to a foreign country even if it is close by. The experience is truly liberating and you get familiarized to a foreign culture and learn that people everywhere are polite and welcoming as long as you keep an open mind.

7. Volunteer for an NGO


Work for someone less fortunate than you. Even if it is for a day, give your time and attention selflessly to a cause, maybe education, medical assistance or something else that moves you on a personal level. Many NGOs are actively looking for volunteers where any amount of help is appreciated.

8. Ride a motorcycle


The thrill of the speed and risk involved coupled with being in control of an engineered beast, cannot be put into words. Be sure to put that biker’s helmet on, you’ll look cooler.

9. Start a business


Even if you don’t need to, just do. You’ll get used to doing a wide range of things and learn a lot surprisingly fast, managing things and people won’t be a difficulty later. You’ll stop sweating over the small stuff and most of all the sense of accomplishment is invaluable.











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