9 Things Guys Find Romantic

9 Things Guys Find Romantic

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Men are romantics, Nicholas Sparks would agree with me. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that men love being pampered too.

We asked some of our male colleagues about things they find romantic, here are some subtle answers we got:

Husband 1: “Cuddling”

I want to bust the myth here, girls aren’t the only ones who enjoy cuddling. I probably love it more than she does.” However butch he might act, cuddling will show you that the boy in the man still needs some loving, it’s adorable.

Husband 2: “Home cooked meals”

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

“Doesn’t happen very often but every time she does, it’s a good night. Sometimes I cook for her too but compared to her food, mine takes me back to a college mess. The metaphorical love hits me every time I take a bite of whatever’s been put on the plate.”

Husband 3: “Laying in her lap”

“I love it when she lets me lay my head in her lap and runs her fingers through my hair. More often than not, I go to sleep there and then only to wake up next to her with my head on the pillow, puts a smile on my face every single time.”

Husband 4: “Late night walks”

“Late night walks with her are pure bliss. Winters are probably the best when I get to hug her from behind and make her feel warm every time she shivers a bit. However, what I appreciate more is, she never says no. For us, there’s a therapeutic element involved with romance to the walks.”

Husband 5: “Surprises”

“Last week she made me a cricket bat-shaped chocolate cake she’d seen the recipe for it on YouTube. We both keep surprising each other occasionally with these little things. I think taking some time off her daily routine to think about ways to surprise me seems more romantic than the surprise itself.”

Husband 6: “Baths”

“Absolutely love it, we get to do this once every week since we’re both working and I leave early. Every Sunday we bathe together. She scrubs my back, I massage her hair with shampoo, things like that. She finds this intimate activity of ours romantic too.”

Husband 7: “Dancing”

“She likes it. Every time we get a chance, at parties or even in our bedroom sometimes, I put on some slow music, get my hand around her waist and just move with the song. It’s momentary but we tend to lose ourselves in it.”

Husband 8: “Physical contact”

“When she holds my hand in public, cheek pressed against my arm like an infatuated teenager, it’s the best feeling, can’t think of anything more romantic than this. Makes me feel loved and responsible for her at the same time.”

Husband 9: “Texts at work”

“My only escape while at work are her texts. She takes me away from the hustle, even if it’s for a couple of minutes. I get to lie back on my chair and wait there with a grinning face as she types, it might sound a bit romanticized but that’s exactly how it is.”











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