9 Things That Crossed Your Mind During Your Pregnancy Test

9 Things That Crossed Your Mind During Your Pregnancy Test

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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The moment you see a ‘positive’ on your test, a surge of emotions rush through your body. Your joy is up to the brim and probably overflowing! Numerous questions cloud your mind, and the uncertainties of being the best mother takes over. All of a sudden, your emotions start flipping between joy and worries. At the spur of the moment, your natural motherly instinct might also kick in, adding to all of this the haze of going through 9 months with a little human growing inside you. All of this adds up to the joy of pregnancy.

These thoughts are sure to have crossed your mind while looking at the a positive results on your pregnancy test:

1. I am going to have a baby!

This is the first thing every mother would have thought the first time she sees her results are ‘positive’. Your instinct to jump for joy is inevitable. Go ahead as you might not be able to do it in a few months.

2. Is it absolutely positive?

If you have taken a home test, you have certainly had this thought. It is common for women to double check their positives before they break the good news to the family.

3. I am going to become fat

Yeah, this one is the most depressing of them all. But on the bright side, you are going to have the joy of bringing a little human, that you created, into the world. Gaining a few pounds in the process is a small sacrifice you will gladly endure.

4. How am I going to push a human out of a tiny hole?

This one gives you goosebumps every time you think about it. Innumerable mothers have been successful in doing this, and your mother is most probably a living example of the same. When time comes, you will succeed too.

5. I hope my baby gets all the good genes from both sides

Your baby is undoubtedly going to be beautiful. So, don’t worry about whose genes they will get. Enjoy all of your child’s naughtiness, and long as they turn out to be good people, accept them for who they are.

6. I think I am going to be sick

Get used to the nausea, as the both of you are going to best friends now on. Not every woman is lucky enough to skip the nausea phase, so embrace all these stages of pregnancy. The end result is going to be worthy of all your endurances.

7. How do I tell everyone!

Breaking the good news to everyone is your shining moment. Make it big, go all out and treat everyone. Involve all your dear ones to join in celebrating. Call all those people that will alleviate your excitement because it is a joyous moment!

8. Will my baby be a girl or boy?

Every mother has the thought of the surprise gender. The built up curiosity will be worth it once you have your baby in your arms. Either ways, you are going to love your baby the same.

9. Oh My Gosh! I am going to be a mother!

Your natural motherly instinct will just kick in without an inkling of a notice. Walking carefully and eating healthy will become a part of your routine. Do not be ashamed to treat yourself with a few guilty pleasures such as cakes and chocolates. You are doing a wonderful job, so you deserve it.