9 Things To Do On Sunday To Make Parenting Easier All Week

9 Things To Do On Sunday To Make Parenting Easier All Week

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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So your weekends are busy. Your weekdays, EVEN busier. Here’s a parenting hack that will ease up your weekdays, by getting organized work done on Sunday.

1. Plan outfits

Outfits for yourself and your kids are a pain to choose every morning. Instead, keep them ready for the entire week on Sunday. Iron all the clothes and stack it up in order keeping Monday’s clothes to save yourself from all the fuss.

2. Clean up

Yes, we acknowledge that Sundays are meant for you to relax and have some fun but cleaning up during weekends are even worse. Here’s our suggestion. Put a timer of thirty minutes and assign different parts of your house to different family members and clean up non stop for thirty minutes. You’ll be surprised at how much you get done.

3. Tiffin and lunch

Food is one area you can plan way ahead because of the numerous recipes available online of food you can store in the freezer for up to a week or more. Sandwiches and snacks for your child’s Tiffin can be made much earlier and just put in his bag when he leaves for school.

4. Grocery shopping

It’s terrible when you never seem to have the ingredients required to make a meal, so buy all necessary groceries in bulk in advance.

5. Small clean ups

These involve your kid’s pencil box or your purse. They always tend to have unnecessary clutter and cleaning it up makes a good way to start the new week.

6. Dinner plans

Dinners are generally more elaborate affairs, but if you plan ahead, you can not only keep stock ready but also utilise leftovers to the fullest.

7. Small joys

Put out a new bed sheet and new curtains for the new week and make it a fresh start. Sleep in and allow your kids to do that too. Take long showers and give your child a warm bubble bath which will help both of you relax and start the new week on a positive and fresh note.

It is indeed a task to do so much, especially when you’re a working parent. However, parenting is a joy and in doing all the above mentioned activities, you will also bond with your child more. Remember to leave aside some time for fun and play too.











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