9 Tricks To Soothe A Colicky Baby

9 Tricks To Soothe A Colicky Baby

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Parenting is a journey; One that will be remembered for a lifetime, given the kind of situations it throws at us that were previously unheard of. Being a parent, you are dealing with your little bundle of joy who cannot express much. Whether it is to communicate hunger, want to be soothed, hugged, carried around or the poop or pee, everything is expressed by the incessant bawling!

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What is Colic?

One of the most commonly experienced conditions among babies is Colic. It can actually leave parents completely perplexed about what needs to be done to calm down the baby. Medically, Colic is defined as a painful condition in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract; this is opined to have been triggered by something which the breastfeeding mother has eaten and has proved to be intolerant to the baby. Sometimes formula foods can be a culprit in the cases of babies which are dependent on them since their mothers may not be having an adequate supply of milk (pretty unfortunate indeed). It is generally observed in babies who are about three months old. Thankfully it does not last beyond that!

Symptoms of colic:

The colic symptoms are generally irritability, fussiness and pain in the abdominal area coupled with long periods of incessant crying by the infants for long hours mostly during the evenings.

Tried and tested ways to soothe the baby:

A crying baby is enough to cause a panic attack to its already sleep-deprived family and if it is coupled with a colic then God save the poor souls along with the little one! So let us look into some easy methods to calm down the baby and rock it to sleep:

1.Remember the kangaroo, it comes handy

Yep! You read it right! Carry your baby around like a kangaroo and go for a walk either inside or outside your house. Face the baby either towards yourself or outside according to how the baby likes.

2.Become a rock-star

Well don’t jump to conclusions! This only means that you need to rock and roll the baby, go for a stroll in anything which moves! It can be a car or its very own stroller; the steady movement can help a lot in soothing it. Vibrations certainly help!

3.Go ahead and make some noise:

Throw your inhibitions to the wind and sing to the baby, make some familiar cooing noises which can distract baby. If you are in India, then throw caution to the wind and sing to your heart’s content without fearing a neighbor’s backlash or an egg being thrown at you! Hopefully your baby should like your singing so good luck for that.

4.Give a hot pad dab

Gently placing a mildly hot cloth pad on the abdominal area and repeating the exercise can help. Or go ahead and give a bath.

5.Turn into a masseur

Here’s your chance to try your hands at massaging your baby. Just remember to be gentle.

6.Try the ”colic carry” position

Hold the baby with its tummy down on your forearm and head resting on your palm for a couple of minutes while slowly swaying along.

7.Swaddling helps

Wrapping the baby tightly in a cloth similar to how it was given to you the first time outside the labor room, helps in calming the baby while being rocked.

8.Tone down the lighting and disturbing noises

While playing familiar sounds can help, jarring, errant notes can prove to be harmful. Hence bring down any noisy disturbances to a halt and reduce any harsh lighting.

9.Teach cycling

Heck no! It is not what you think! Gently pedal the baby’s legs while it is on its back. This kind of motion can aid in releasing gas.

Phew! That was a lot of preaching indeed but to deal with colic, any advice is sane advice. Most importantly parents need to be calm during this unnerving episode. Nursing mothers need to change their diet and upon proper medical consultation, indulge in the inclusion of probiotics in it. And when it is all done and the baby is sleeping like nothing ever happened, parents can indulge in their favourite pastime which I guess they would have forgotten about what was that, so will just hit the sack and doze off anyways!











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