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9 Ways To Pamper Yourself After Giving Birth

9 Ways To Pamper Yourself After Giving Birth

27 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Nine months of countless sacrifices you made for your then unborn child. Now for the rest of your life you will have to continue making such sacrifices. But you do this with a smile because he/she is your kid and they are going to represent you and your entire lineage to the world.

But I bet that after those nine tiresome months you wish for a small break at least, don’t feel guilty because you deserve it. Nobody is going to pamper you how you pamper your child so the onus is on you. Pamper yourself, take the well-deserved break you need and just relax. Here are 10 simple yet satisfying ways to do so:

1. Switch off your mind and just sleep.

See how enjoyable and happy sleep can be? And she hasn’t even slept yet.


More often than not there are going to be nights when you can’t sleep even if you want to cause of your little one. So make time and just go back to being that little dreamer you once were.

2. Alone time.

The picture says it all.

There is no doubt that for the past nine months or so you haven’t had any time to do what you like and enjoy. One of the most refreshing and enjoyable ways to pamper yourself is with: alone time. Go out for a movie, read a book, practice your hobbies and basically just do whatever you want to.

3. Get a massage.

You want one, don’t you?

Parenting might be on the top of the list for the most stressful jobs on earth. But thankfully there is something that is called a massage.

4. Early mornings.

Definitely, someone who pampers himself with early morning.

Now we know that early mornings may not seem like ‘pampering’ to all but it could be. It’s like additional time to your day. You can have a nice shower, make a nice breakfast and go out and take in the fresh morning with a nice jog. This should give you a nice burst of energy before your hectic day begins.

5. Go for a mini make over.

Beautiful, right? You could get this done for yourself.

No woman in the world dislikes pampering herself in a beauty salon/spa. You probably missed the feeling of getting your nails done or your hair done so relive that sense of satisfaction and pamper yourself.

6. Catch up with your friends.

That’s what you have been missing out on.

It must have been a long time since you went for a party or hung out with your friends. Get re-involved with your friends circle. Go for a party or dinner once in a while and make it more often as your kid is growing up.

7. Go shopping.

This is your reaction, not your husband’s.

The husbands might get pretty worried when you tell them this but then they weren’t the ones carrying a baby in their stomach for nine months, right? So go fill your shopping cart but try, just try not to damage your husband’s heart.

8. A nice long bath.

Yup, this helps with the ‘bathtub’ relaxation.

A nice long bubble bath or a shower as per your preference, with your favourite music is one of the best get away’s without leaving your house.

9. Cook or order your favourite food.

If you are fond of cooking, don’t let anyone enter the kitchen and just cook. It is much more relaxing than what it seems like. Where as if you don’t like to cook, take the easy way out and order your favourite food. Your favourite food+ TV + your favourite beverage, pampered yet?











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