Development of your little one – Birth to 36 Months

Development of your little one – Birth to 36 Months

As parents, we are all anxious on the growth and development of our child. We constantly discuss this with the doctor, read books, search the internet and of course, compare with family and friends.


Here is a quick list which you can look-up to understand your little one's developmental milestones. What is important to note that the milestones may not happen in the same order. At times, a child may skip one and move on to the next one which is just fine. The age mentioned is as per the Expected due date of your child and not the birth day.


0-3 months


3-6 months


6-9 months


9-12 months


12-15 months


15-18 months



18-24 months


24-36 months

  • Stand on one foot for a couple of seconds.
  • Walk up stairs using both feet.
  • Ride a tricycle.
  • Completely self feeds.
  • Can open a door.
  • Starts indicating toilet needs.

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