My husband’s funny but true pregnancy symptoms!

My husband’s funny but true pregnancy symptoms!

Husband and pregnancy symptoms? Weird!! Yes, I saw my husband experience pregnancy symptoms just like I did. A recent research says 'Around 65% of men feel pregnancy symptoms during their wives' pregnancy'. This is called as sympathetic pregnancy or, couvade syndrome. Well, they are dads-to-be as well, isn't it? Let me share some of the funniest symptoms my husband had!


Food Cravings:

Initially, I thought my husband is just making fun of me; however his frequent visits to sweet shops and growing belly ;-), actually made me believe that he was having very similar food cravings just like I had.



Mood Swings:

My husband is usually known for his calm and polite nature, but during my pregnancy he was a changed man (literally). One day, I was very furious on my maid due to her coming late all the time. Surprisingly, my husband came into the kitchen and started yelling at her. That day, 2 things happened: one, my maid left the job and second it was confirmed that my hubby was going to be with me through everything -- even the mood swings! :-D



Sleepless Nights:

As I approached the last days of my pregnancy, I started having problems while sleeping. For a better sleep, I always looked for more pillows so that I can put them in between of my knees and on my back. You know what! Several times during the naps, I found my husband with pillows in between his knees. Why? Do I really need to tell? Lol…



Back Ache & Leg Cramps:

How can it be possible that two people have the same pain at the same time? Awwwee, but in our pregnancy (as we both were pregnant) it happened!! My husband and I felt the same aches and cramps at the very same time.



So Moms-to-be, next time if you find your partners, I mean the father-to-be behaving somewhat like you then don't be surprised, it's their sympathetic pregnancy. :-) Or just a dash of extra love! Well enjoy it as long as it lasts!! :-)


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