7 Fun craft ideas for kids that must be on your To-Do list

7 Fun craft ideas for kids that must be on your To-Do list

Art and craft for kids are not just great because they're fun but they also enhance creativity and aid in brain development. It's also a very nice way to spend productive time with your child.

1. Torn Paper Shape Collage:

Collage making is a lot of fun and in fact easier than it sounds. You can start with simple minimalistic shapes and tear either craft paper or magazines etc. Just draw out a cartoon or animal for your child ask them to stick the bits into those shapes.

2. Origami:

Not only is Origami great for fine motor skills but very good for creativity and concentration as well. There are a number of steps involved and this makes your child feel like they have accomplished something. After all, if you can transform scrap paper into a jumping frog, you do have power! It doesn't need any other aids like scissor or glue so is neat, can be taken up even during travel.

3. Spray paint:

You could either use store bought spray paints or use the classic old toothbrush and water color method. For starters, you both can spray paint simple shapes or animal figurines. Just make sure the stencil you use stays in place and you do it on the floor or some place else which is easy to clean. There you have an artwork you might even want to decorate your house with! This activity will get all those little hand muscles moving, perfect for building fine motor skills.

4. Edible finger paints:

Kids love to play with food more than they like to eat them. We don't like that but once in a while why not let them indulge in feeling the food rather than tasting it? Make super easy edible finger paints using vanilla pudding, milk and edible colors. Make your art and eat it too.:-)

5. Musical water glasses:

Children are always trying to make music out of anything they can find, fascinate your child with this homemade musical instrument. All you need is food coloring, a spoon, water and few glasses of the same size. Fill the glasses with different amounts of water and give each glass its own color by adding food coloring. The different levels of water will emit different sounds when tapped and will keep your little musician engaged for hours.

6. Sock puppets:

bring out the puppeteer in your child with these DIY sock puppets. Take two mismatched socks and add different decorations on them to make different puppets. Your kid can use items such as old yarns of cotton, googly eyes, ribbons, buttons and such to make them into individual puppets.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Cute Monster Gang:

Use empty toilet paper rolls to help your kid make a cute gang of monsters. Ask your kid to paint the rolls in different colors. Once the paint is dry, let your kid make some cute and scary faces by adding eyes, eyebrows, mouth and teeth. Your kid can keep building more monsters as they collect empty toilet paper rolls.

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