Tricolour Dessert Ideas Because Freedom is Sweet!

Tricolour Dessert Ideas Because Freedom is Sweet!

As they say, kuch meetha ho jaaye for most Indian occasions. Here are few ideas that you can use to whip up Indian tricolour desserts to celebrate national festivals.


Tricolour Dessert Idea 1 – Tangy Trail

Whip 1 cup cream with powdered sugar (just enough to sweeten the cream) and divide in 3 parts. For orange layer, add orange flavoured tang to one part till desired colour and flavour is achieved. For green layer, add kiwi crush to one part of whipped cream till desired colour and flavour is achieved. Assemble the three layers in a glass, as per the Indian tricolour. Chill the dessert for 20 minutes before serving and garnish with sprinkle of Tang powder and few drops of Kiwi crush.


Tricolour Dessert Idea 2- Tirangi Kulfi

Get 3 flavours of Kulfi; Saffron (Kesar), Pista and Malai. Soften them in separate bowls and mix in chopped roasted Almonds. Assemble the three layers in a glass, as per the Indian tricolour. Freeze for 20 minutes and serve. Alternatively, you could also fill up kulfi moulds with the three layers and serve as a Tirangi Kulfi on stick.




Tricolour Dessert Idea 3- Indian Tricolour Sundae

Soften 1 cup Vanilla ice-cream and divide into 3 parts. To one part of ice-cream add orange essence, orange food colour and candied orange pieces. To one part of ice-cream add apple essence, green food colour and chopped pieces of grapes. To the last part, add chopped pieces of Litchi or Sitaphal (Custard apple) or Fresh Coconut pulp (Malai). Freeze the ice-cream till it hardens. Assemble the sundae with scoops of prepared ice-cream as per the Indian Tricolour. Pour chocolate sauce and throw in some nuts and chocolate chips for garnish. Serve immediately with a spoon.



Tricolour Dessert Idea 4 – Desh ki Kheer

Dig out your best recipe of Kheer, rice or sabudana both will do, make a large batch. Divide it into 3 parts and colour one part with orange, other with green and let the last part remain as it is. Section the 3 as per the Indian flag in a shallow serving bowl and chill. Place few chopped blueberries in the centre of the white section to symbolize the chakra. Serve chilled.


Tricolour Dessert Idea 5 - Trio of Fruit Trifle

A simple fruit truffle can also be made in the colours of the Indian flag. Take a tall serving glass, put some sponge cake bits and pour a tablespoon of orange juice over them. Top the cake with chopped green fruits like kiwi, grapes, green apple, etc. For the white layer, pipe out sweetened whipped cream which is flavoured with Vanilla. The top orange coloured layer can be of chopped fruits like musk melon, orange, papaya, peach, gooseberries, mango or even dried apricots. Pour orange juice once again and chill for 30 minutes before serving. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and serve chilled.


Tricolour Dessert Idea 6 – Jelly Delight

For the bottommost green layer, prepare readymade lime jelly. Add few drops of green food colour to it and pour in serving glass or transparent serving bowls. Refrigerate till it sets. Meanwhile, prepare Vanilla flavoured readymade custard (roughly about a cup), cool it and mix in cream to get an off white colour custard. Pour this over the set green jelly and refrigerate once again till the custard layer is set. For the orange layer use readymade orange flavoured jelly and proceed in similar manner as the green layer. Chill the serving glass or bowl for a good 30 minutes before serving. Garnish the dessert with orange pieces and a dollop of whipped cream.


The above suggestions are as simple as they can get, the ingredients are handy and available at most grocery stores. The best part is these desserts are ready in no time and most need a basic judgement of ingredients to assemble them. It's a good idea to involve kids in preparing the desserts while you narrate some patriotic stories to them. 


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