Top 10 Diagnostic and Imaging Centres in Delhi

Top 10 Diagnostic and Imaging Centres in Delhi

17 Jan 2016 | 4 min Read

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If there is a time you need the most frequent medical check-ups, then that’s during pregnancy, especially blood tests and ultrasound scans. To help you find a good one, we have put together this list of some of the best diagnostic and imaging centres in Delhi:


1. Nanda Diagnostics

Besides having multiple locations in the city, Nanda Diagnostics has access to the latest technology in Doppler imaging and ultrasound medical equipment. This lab has the capacity to handle 4D ultrasounds, Level-2 ultrasounds, foetal echocardiography, nuchal translucency test, and detection of congenital anomalies.




2. The Ultrasound Lab

Led by the experienced radiologist Dr Ashok Khurana, this lab offers a wide range of tests and scans that might be required during the course of a pregnancy. Personal attention and a qualified opinion are the unique features of this diagnostic centre.




3. The Diagnostic and Imaging Centre

This centre offers comprehensive ultrasound facilities that can perform assessments and tests right from the start of your pregnancy. From monitoring HCG levels to nuchal scans and foetal anomaly scans, they have it all. They also have a doctor who is trained in using these methodologies to provide you with opinions and advice if required.



4. Suraksha Diagnostics

Having been around for over 20 years and providing diagnostics services from different locations in the national capital region, Suraksha has built up a reputation for itself in this field. Their services include 5D ultrasounds as well as paediatric probes. They also offer the convenience of viewing and accessing reports online.



5. Diwan Chand Imaging and Research Centre (DCA Imaging)

Along with state-of-the-art technology, DCA has a team of over 20 specialists experienced in radiology. The centre has a history of over eight decades and has moved with the times in terms of equipment and certifications. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled online.




6. Star Imaging and Path Lab Pvt. Ltd

Some of the value-added services provided by Star Imaging put them high on the list of top diagnostics centres in the city. Home collection of samples, door delivery of reports, pick and drop facility, and free breakfast service are all designed to make your life stress-free from worries such as commuting so that you can focus on what is important.




7. Dr Lal Path Labs

The extremely user-friendly website for this diagnostic centre makes it easy to locate the test you are looking for and obtain information about it. This lab has a number of interesting family packages and options to choose from. Report availability estimates and specificity of tests is also provided in some detail.




8. Dr. Dangs Lab

With ISO 9002 certification, this lab offers various biochemistry and immunology tests related to pregnancy and foetal development. Home collection services are available with prior appointment and reports are accessible online.



9. Health Republic

With a presence in many of the Northern states, Health Republic provides ultrasound services as well as Doppler to assist you in your pregnancy. A trained staff ensures that your concerns are addressed on the spot.


10. Saral Diagnostics

Saral Diagnostics centre calls itself the ‘all investigations at one place’ lab and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Open all seven days of the week, the website also offers a rate list of all tests.



Let the experts take care of your health and take some stress away from you as you get some time for yourself!


To get the complete list of diagnostic centres in Delhi, click here.

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