Highlights of Chat with Dr Anupam Sibal: Child health and development – Part 2

Highlights of Chat with Dr Anupam Sibal: Child health and development – Part 2

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Q. Where can I feed my kid who is 3 years old without any disturbance. He is so energetic and naughty at times that I just have to keep him busy in something and feed else he just doesn't listen?

A. Enjoy the time. Don't worry too much about feeding. No kid starves. I can assure you.


Q. My 8-year-old daughter who is currently in 2nd standard stammers when she speaks. Do you think we should take him through speech Therapy? Can it be worth? Solution for stammering issue? Speech Therapy will do or any other?

A. Speech assessment will decide the way.


Q. How can we control any negative behavior or tendency in an infant's behavior?

A. We need to control our negative behavior and our negative reaction to our child's behavior. That is the key.


Q. Toddlers indulge in attention seeking behavior in an embarrassing way whenever there are guests around at home. How can this be overcome?

A. Engaging in embarrassing behavior is normal. Don't get stressed out.


Q. I have twins with different personalities; I wanted to understand that how can we balance both and not hurt anyone's sentiments if one is falling behind in learning from the other sibling?

A. Every kid is made differently genetically. Please don't compare. We hate comparisons but often make comparisons.


Q. My child has behavior issues and he is hyperactive, following what school counsel has suggested. He doesn't wake up early and doesn't like school. How to find the reasons for it?

A. Get a Developmental assessment done.


Q. My 21 months old baby girl suddenly started having a hair fall. Every time I remove a hair band from her hair or even comb her hair, there are hair stands. This wasn't a case so far. Only started a month ago?

A. There might be a skin infection that is causing the hair fall. You should see a paediatrician.


Q. How to correct certain behavioral qualities of my daughter without breaking her will. Or being a nag or being seen as a bully from her view?

A. You need to be firm yet gentle. Put yourself in her shoes and you will get the answer.


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