Highlights of Chat with Dr Anupam Sibal: Child health and development – Part 3

Highlights of Chat with Dr Anupam Sibal: Child health and development – Part 3

22 Jan 2016 | 4 min Read

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Q. I have 4-yr-old who is now an elder sibling. We understand he’s been stripped of his “kingship” with the new arrival, but how do I make him feel inclusive and not threatened when the younger one wants to share, specially his toys?

A. Involve your older kid in raising the younger one. you will see a change.


Q. What is the secret to communicating effectively with my child?

A. Pg 172 in my book will answer your question!

Here is a quick book review for your reference.


Q. What age and how do we introduce discipline? If my toddler son gets angry, he shouts and doesn’t want to listen or tell me what’s wrong. How do I handle that situation? How do I put my point across? Do I wait for a better time when he is calm?

A. You need to address the issue when your child is calm. Needs a mix of being firm and gentle.


Q. I am facing behavioral issues with  my 20-month old daughter. From the past few days, she has started pushing people, whenever she calls anybody she just starts with shouting.

A. If it becomes a regular occurrence, you need to consult a developmental pediatrician.


Q. My 20 months old son has not started talking yet, he shouts and can only speak mamma, papa and mum. Will it be OK as he grows up or he needs any medical checkup done? He had larangomalasia too but now its fine.

A. Don’t worry at the age of 20 months.


Q. I am planning to adopt a 3-year-old toddler, but I am worried if he doesn’t listen to me. How should our initial ice breakers be like? I am also worried if I am strict a parent with him, then he may not end up liking me, I am afraid on how would we bond? He hasn’t seen good days so far, and I will go through an NGO to complete this process. I don’t want to spoil him either. Are there any resources which can help me prepare for this journey?

A. Congratulations on your decision to adopt! Don’t be too concerned. Everything will fall into place. While in my book, I don’t address adoption, the same rules apply.


Q. My 3-year-old, doesn’t chew fruits, if I have to make him eat fruits I have to give in puree form alone. He chews everything else otherwise. What is the solution for the same?

A. If the child chews other stuff don’t worry. Keep trying.


Q. I have a daughter of 6 yrs. Initially she was good at studies. But now I have to shout at her to do her homework. She simply stalls here and there to avoid studies. Please give some suggestions.

A. Meet the teachers. May be something is bothering her. Please don’t shout at her, instead get to the bottom of what has caused it. Don’t put pressure.


Q. Do kids really need siblings? Is it a good decision not to have another child?

A. I am a single kid. We had one kid. 30% of kids I see are single. Your choice really.


Q. Which milk is good for kids? – Tetra pack, packet milk or from the local milk supplier?

A. Tetra or packed


Q. Will fruits help toddlers fight infection?

A. All fruit are good and bring value. Check any nutrition website


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