How should you treat that Diaper rash (Nappy rash)?

This rash is commonly seen in newborn babies and in older infants with frequent loose motions. It is seen less commonly in breastfed babies.


Typically, we neglect to change the diaper soon after it is wet or soiled, and the prolonged contact of the skin with urine or stools may lead to redness over the lower part of the abdomen, genital area and the buttocks. Sometimes, the moisture in the area can attract a fungus.


To prevent diaper rash, I have always encouraged parents to use cotton diapers. However, I find that the quality of available disposable diapers has improved, resulting in less incidence of diaper rash. Try to change the diaper as soon as it is wet. Clean the soiled diaper area with plain water and dry it. Make sure that no moisture is left in the groin or in the creases of the skin.


Some babies get up if the diaper is changed during the night, but they do not get the rash even if the diaper is not changed.


If your baby develops diaper rash, expose the skin to air as often as possible, especially for some time after he has passed urine and/ or stool. This is often enough to solve the problem. If the rash persists, a preparation containing zinc and castor oil may be used for local application. Your chemist can make it or any readymade preparation can be used 3 times a day. Take the baby to the doctor if the rash persists. He may have to treat it with an antifungal preparation.


In severe diaper rash, do not excessively cleanse or wipe the affected area. Washing with plain water, followed by cool compresses of a mixture of half milk and half water, then an application of a zinc cream over a light application of mild steroid and antifungal cream seems to work best. The diapers should be changed frequently.


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Comments (38)

Prithvi Balaji

The best way to treat nappy or diaper rash is by using coconut oil and never use talcum powder. I found it so silly when someone on said use powder but never do it.

Also Dermadew diaper rash cream can be used when there is redness and itching(baby does show the signs of scratching) and later continue to use coconut oil.

Ness Chellappa

I've always use yoghurt

Dr. Payal M

Tips to treat diaper rash-
Switch to cotton nappies and change promptly when wet or soiled.
Dry the nappy area properly before applying rash cream/ oil etc.
Air the area- give the baby some diaper-free time in the day.
Use a good brand rash cream at every diaper change for a few days till rash subsides.

Naila Aqeel

my baby has a suffering rashes what should i do

Naila Aqeel

plz give m suggestion

Akki Praveen

use Himalaya baby diaper rash cream it's good I used it to my baby and also my cousin baby

Sathya Dinesh

my baby skin tonned after using diaper

Pooja Amin

use rash free cream

Rhituparna Mitra

Or try Cloth diapering - The Beginner’s Guide to using Advanced Cloth Diapers

Anchal sharma

i apply coconut oil on heals it very well

Medha Dutta

coconut oil has worked so well for me

Dr. Mugdha Joshi

best medicine for diaper rash is a homoeopathic medicine called Calendula

Deenaz Raisinghani

let them sit in a baby tub filled with warm water.atleast 3 -4 times a day...the same is recommended for women post normal delivery also called a sitz bath...the rash will heal really quickly.

Taranpreet Trehan

Of course during this time diapers are a definite no no. Leave the rash area as much open as you can. A few creams come in handy too

Priyanka Mishra

I use nappy only at night n use sebamed rash cream.   


i was suggested cows ghee and it worked..also avoid the use of diapers.

Mrs. Chhoker

I use borolin n it worked very well, n try to use some kind of barrier in between skin n diaper like coconut oil or powder every time. Don't use diaper all day. They r not good for baby skin

Sania Bhushan

I use diaper only at night n use Himalaya diaper rash cream....

Kiran parija

I use diaper only at diaper rash.

Neha Gagan Sharma

Well I will suggest B4nappi is v nice oinment for diaper rash. My baby got rashes n even single application of this oinment showed marvellous results. Diapers for night only

Ramya Janardhan

I use petroleum jelly everytime before using a new diaper . My baby responded very well and showed no rashes.

Preethi Preethi Deepak

Best way is coconut oil

निशा शर्म

The best way to treat rash is ......take lukewarm water add pinch of common salt and wipe the rash area gently with cotton after that apply any antirash ointment. Doctor advised me to do so nd was quite quite effective

Uma Bansal

Diaper rashies is by using coconut oil & himalaya powder is best option

Neelam Yadav

Use talcum powder and jhonson's rash cream


Best way is Himalaya rash cream bcoz I am use for my baby

Swati Patil

I wish I knew this before

mamolefi qobose

This is so well written.

Mrs Helen Abada

I used tribotan cream and and it works.

muslima hussein

I used coconut oil on my baby , she never had nappy rashes nd she is 2yrs old

kanika gera

Very helpful

ritu panchal

I use ....rash free cream

Sunny Dhiman

Yaa it's all true

Hira Kashif

Use cornflour

Ankita Akku

मुझे इस लेख की ही तलाश थी!

Ankita Akku

बिलकुल सही समय पर आया यह लेख!

Rushitha mani

apply coconut oil on rashes....Try to avoid diapers use cotton cloths ....cloths are the best

Aishwarya Shukla

I also use diaper in night and use Himalaya rash cream

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