Highlights of chat with Dr Ragini Agarwal: Antenatal and Post-natal care – Part 1

Highlights of chat with Dr Ragini Agarwal: Antenatal and Post-natal care – Part 1

Q. Which types of fitness activities are safe for her considering she sleeps a lot?

A. If your wife sleeps a lot, then find out other causes of sleeping during pregnancy. Maybe she is having a low hemoglobin and low thyroid. That is why she may be lethargic and not able to be active. Exercise is a very important part of antenatal care. It makes body and mind both fit to carry a normal pregnancy and smooth delivery. So she should ideally start exercise in supervision of a trained antenatal exercise educator. She needs a core muscle strengthening, cardio training and stretching and pelvic exercises. A combination of these exercises will make her fit, active and less stressed. Happy pregnancy!


Q. I want to know which is the ideal age to stop breast feeding of the baby? And what should be the major precautions a C-section mom should take post-delivery?

A. If you are married in time and you are ready to start a family, it is advisable to plan for pregnancy before the age of 35 or earlier. As it has been found that after 35, chances of having abnormal baby increases. As far as breast feeding is concerned, one should feed the baby till 15-18 months and start weaning after that. But one should introduce other food items from the age of 6 months. The most important precaution after the C-Section childbirth is – No exercise till 3 months. Yes, you can do normal daily routine work and walk after 40 days. Don't lift heavy objects till 3 months and avoid constipation, cough or anything that increases intra-abdominal pressure. It is better to avoid intercourse for around 2.5 months after delivery and must visit your gynaecologist and take some fool proof family planning measure to prevent early conception of next pregnancy.


Q. I am currently pregnant. And my stomach feels like it's burning inside. What does that mean?

A. In pregnancy, every woman produces more acid. This acidity can cause burning sensation inside your stomach. Please have bland diet i.e. not fried, no spices and chillies, take small frequent meals, you can take fruits, but avoid juices. And don't go hungry for a long time.


Q. I am breastfeeding my child... what things should I keep in mind? I also have back pain many times.

A. The most important thing during breast-feeding is your posture. If your posture is not correct, then you will develop back pain. So always keep your back straight and supported. Don't bend forward (much) and/ or stoop. Put some pillows below your baby on your lap so that the baby's mouth is at the level of your nipple. Secondly, eat something before starting feeding and maintain your hydration. Continue with your iron, calcium, vitamin D supplements till you continue with your breast-feeding. And introduce some stretching exercise for your back into your routine.


Q. All the methi ka ladoo n raab that our mothers give in 40 days Post-delivery necessary? It puts on lot of weight. Can a pregnant mom or breast feeding mom take this kind of herbs?

A. One should take all traditional Indian food items in moderate amounts after delivery. First 40 days post-delivery, has lots of repair inside the body and you need more calories, animal fat, protein and lots of nutrients for this repair. In our vegetarian diet, ghee and milk is the only form of the animal fat that we get. So for the first 40 days, continue with your traditional Indian food that is cooked at home. And then get back to shape after 40 days under the supervision of a dietician, health coach and physiotherapist. Enjoy your new motherhood! Yes, you can  take those herbs also.


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