Highlights of chat with Dr Ragini Agarwal: Antenatal and Post-natal care – Part 3

Highlights of chat with Dr Ragini Agarwal: Antenatal and Post-natal care – Part 3

Q. I have bleeding per vaginaum, so what should I do?

A. If you are having bleeding per vaginaum, PLEASE CONTACT your OBGYN IMMEDIATELY! Because it can be dangerous. If you contact your doctor in time, then she can help you in continuation of your pregnancy


Q. Should I exercise now being 12 weeks pregnant?

A. Most of the exercises, which put pressure on your abdomen and lifting heavy weights should be avoided during pregnancy. But if you have a normal pregnancy, no contra-indication, you can continue with walking, swimming, light weight bearing exercises, stretching. Stay healthy, stay fit!


Q. How important is it to take prenatal vitamins?

A. Prenatal vitamins plays a very important role in the normal development of growing fetus. Folic acid is the most important. Vitamin-rich diet should be taken when you plan for the conception as it prevents several defects in the fetus at the forming stage. Many a times you are not even aware that you are going to be pregnant in the cycle. The first 21 days are the period when you require a good amount of the folic acid. Vitamin D, iron and calcium are very important – in order to maintain your hemoglobin and bone health. Synthetic vitamin should be totally avoided during pregnancy as it is found to cause a defect in the growing fetus. You require a small amount of minerals and nutrients which you can get from a balanced proper diet and don't require any capsule for it. DHA is another nutraceutical which is sometimes prescribed to you for development of brain and fetus, especially if you are vegetarian.


Q. I have caught cold for the second time again. Is it common in pregnancy? What precautions can I take in future and how can I cure it for now?

A. The most common thing with the cold is that you wash your hand frequently, which prevents re-infection with the virus. Avoid close proximity of people suffering from cold. Take hot fluids and cover yourself with proper clothes to prevent yourself from catching it again. For cold, our kitchen medicines are very good. Such as turmeric, besan (gram flour), ginger, honey etc. Put in hot water, boil it. Inhale the steam. Medicines for cold are given only if it is not controlled within 3-5 days of home treatment or, if you are having severe headache or, cough with sputum.


Q. When is a good time to start prenatal yoga? Is it important to take professional guidance or watching videos/ reading appropriate books is good enough?

A. As I have in my previous answers, guidance is a must when you start exercise during pregnancy. You can start your prenatal yoga when your Ob-Gyn gives you a clean chit that your placenta is not low and no contra-indication for any kind of exercise. We are also launching our antenatal education classes soon for all types of exercises  and can guide you for all queries related to pregnancy.


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