My Baby’s Memory Box: one of my favourite treasures!

My Baby’s Memory Box: one of my favourite treasures!

When my little girl was born, my dear ones told me that babies grow fast, but no one told me they grow this fast! Seriously, every day, every moment I prayed to God to slow down the time so that I could live these cute moments a little longer. But obviously it didn't happen and time flew at its own pace. So, then I decided to make my baby's memory box so that I can cherish her these beautiful moments for my whole life. Here's what I did:

Memory Box:

I chose to make a memory box of my own, but one can purchase it from the market too. And if you wish to make a DIY memory box, then here are some tips for you:

Here's what all I kept at it:

1. My Positive Pregnancy Test' Sticks: These sticks are very special to me; they gave me the biggest good news of my life after all.

2. Ultrasound Scans: These scans helped me to see her for the very first time.

3. Her Birth Story: It's always important to tell your baby what happened on the day of her birth. So, let's document it.

4. Her Umbilical Cord Clamp: It's an exceptional memory to me for the simple reason as it kept me connected with my daughter for 9 months.

5. Her Hospital Tag : This was the first thing that was put around her wrist when she was born. This tag always reminds me of her tiny hands.

6. Her First Ornament

7. Her First Outfits: I bought these outfits even before she was conceived.

8. Her First Cap, Sock & Booties

9. Her first Hair Brush: The most frequently used things, she used her hairbrush a lot. Her picture will explain why!

10. Her First Spoon

11. Her First Toothbrush

12. Our First Family Photo : It was gifted by the hospital as a memento, but it's actually our first family photo.

13. Her First Toy

14. Her First Scribble: When she was around 15 months old, she scribbled for the first time and I was so proud.

15. Her First Birthday keepsakes: I wanted to keep her birthday dress in the memory, but due to her size, she can still wear it. So, I thought why not store her first birthday candle and banner.

16. Her Pacifiers: There was a time when her pacifiers were her besties.

17. Her Memory Record Book: Every important moment of my little girl's life is and will be recorded in this memory record book. It's a very good way to remember all the essential dates.

I can only imagine the twinkle in her eyes when I will show her this box some 15-16 years later. And, if you also want to see the same twinkle in your baby's eyes, then make his/her memory box today.

All photographs in this article are original and contributed by author.

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