Underwater Theme Activities for Toddlers – Part 2

Underwater Theme Activities for Toddlers – Part 2

Hope you have read through and enjoyed doing the article on underwater-theme based activities for 1.5-2.5 year olds. These activities are suitable for kids aged 2.5 to 5 year olds.



There are quite a few pre-Maths activities to develop your child's Math skills later.



Sea Shell Sorting

Provide a large variety of shells for the children to sort by color, size, texture, or other parameters.


Ocean Pattern activity

Create ocean pattern activity worksheets using ocean creature's images. Use them for activities like pick the odd one out, predict the pattern and others. You can also download them from the internet.


Counting activity

Create counting activity sheets using ocean creature's images. Enjoy the fun.




Sea Habitat

Create a sea habitat with your kids. Tell them about different underwater creatures.


Sea Water

Show your child sea water by adding salt to normal water or get sea water from your visit to the sea. Tell them the difference about the water types. Have two bowls of water -one with fresh water and the other with salt water. Allow your child to taste and smell the different waters. Then let them float different items in the different waters. (Items that will not float in regular water will float in salt water) Finally, put two small amounts in the freezer and check on them every couple of hours (the salt water will freeze slower)


Literary Activity

Underwater theme is a great way to teach alphabets. You can teach ocean theme words with alphabets. Make coloring sheets and worksheets. The options are unlimited. Make them yourself or download from the internet.




Read good books to your child. Some suggestions are -

A Beach Day - Douglas Florian

Baby Whales Drink Milk - Barbara Esbensen

Barney and Baby Bop at the Beach

What's Under the Ocean? - Janet Craig

Octonauts Series by Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy



My son and I had a great time doing them all and I was rather happy by the things he learnt at the end of it! So, do try them and create memories for you and your child.


Don't forget to share with a  friend who has a toddler or a preschooler at home. 

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