A Desi Girl’S Guide To Great Skin And Hair Xyz

A Desi Girl’S Guide To Great Skin And Hair Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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If there’s one thing we Desi Girls know how to do, it’s looking beautiful. Am I right ladies? There’s nothing that’s too daunting. Nothing that we’re afraid to try out. Our bodies are canvases, free for us to design and decorate as we please. But with all the heat, cold, humidity, and pollution, how does one take effective care of themselves? How do we stop our skin and hair from reacting to the adverse conditions? We can’t. But there are things we can do to help our skin and hair stay healthy and look beautiful.

Here’s our guide to great looking Skin:

1. Face Wash:

With all the dirt and pollution in the air, it’s even more important to keep your skin clean. Water can’t remove the all the dirt and oil on your skin easily. This is a job for face wash. Make sure that the face wash you use is suitable to your skin type and isn’t too harsh.

2. Exfoliant:

Also remember that water can’t get into the pores to remove the dirt. In such cases, we would recommend the use of exfoliants. These not only open pores but also scrub away dead skin.

3. Haldi:

There’s a reason we use haldi on our beautiful blushing brides. Haldi helps get rid of acne (bye bye pimples)! It also helps smoothen out wrinkles and heals cracked heels which can occur due to harsh weather.

4. Sunscreen:

The sun can be harsh on the skin, leading to tanning and pigmentation. Using sunscreen is important, especially if you tend to be out in the sun in the afternoons. Make sure the sunscreen you’re using is well suited for your skin and has UV protection. Curd is a good home remedy for sunburns.

5. Go natural!

There are some natural products you can look at for smooth and soft, healthy skin. These include honey, curd, and neem, to name a few. Honey helps to keep the skin supple and hydrated while removing impurities. Curd also helps with hydration and helps make the skin softer, while aiding with tan removal and wrinkle prevention. Neem, we are no strangers to. Every part of this plant has innumerable benefits to humans. Neem helps get rid of acne scars and neem oil helps get rid of dry skin.

6. Lifestyle:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a big role when it comes to skin care. Maintaining a healthy diet can help reduce the creation of internal heat in the body, and reduce the consumption and storage of fat. Exercise can help increase blood flow which helps keep the skin nourished by ensuring that the cells receive nutrition.

Here is our guide to healthy Hair:

1. Oil:

Oiling your hair keeps it healthy. It helps return the moisture that the polluted air removes. It also makes your hair strong and healthy, while giving it the shine you’re searching for.

2. Shampoo:

Be careful with the shampoo that you use. Make sure it’s suited for your hair. Try to avoid shampoos that have too many chemicals as these tend to be harsh and rid your hair of its natural oils.

3. Conditioner:

Conditioning your hair after shampooing is extremely important as it neutralises electric charge in your hair as well as detangles it which will prevent breakage due to brushing out tangles. Coconut milk has been found to be a good conditioner, leading to smooth and shiny hair.

4. Amla & Neem:

Amla and neem both have major hair benefits. Neem has been found to have anti-dandruff properties. Amla helps keep your hair shiny and nourish the scalp which can help reduce hair loss and dandruff.

5. Curd:

Curd has a lot of nutrients which it can nourish the hair with. This helps keep hair healthy and makes it smooth and shiny. It also helps prevent dandruff and has been found to be extremely effective in reducing hairfall.

6. Egg:

Egg is rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. These help to repair hair and make it silky. It helps to get rid of brittle hair, and keeps hair follicles nourished which makes hair stronger.











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