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A Guide For Mums To Go Floral This Summer

A Guide For Mums To Go Floral This Summer

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Nothing goes together like summer and flowers. Every picturesque scenic view of summer always involves flowers, because let’s face it, the bright yellow sun with vivid bits of violet, pink, red and orange flashes in them has got to be the most beautiful sight on earth.

So become a beautiful garden of colour with these must have floral must-haves.

1. PURYS Women Multicoloured Printed Maxi Dress

This adorable multi-printed maxi dress is the best to wear this summer. Airy and flimsy, this material will let your skin breath, while making you look adorable. Wear it for a day out with your kids and husband and notice how it gets all heads turning your way.

Buy it here at 899 INR.

2. Harpa Multicoloured Floral Print Top

This bold floral print top is perfect for you if you are someone who loves black too much to let it go. Bringing in the floral print in this dark background provides a lovely contrast and will add a certain glow to your skin. This versatile piece can be both a formal or casual wear. It is all in how you style it. A must-have for every season if you ask us!

Buy it here at 479 INR.

3. Nayo Women Multicoloured Printed A-Line Kurta

This gorgeous kurta is the perfect way to give the floral trend an ethnic twist this summer. A little jewellery and some high heels make this a grand kurta, but take off the extras and you’ve got yourself an everyday wear. This elegant piece is sure to make you look effortlessly flawless.

Buy it here at 949 INR.

4. Rangmanch By Pantaloons Women Off-White Palazzos

The most comfortable and cute apparel to wear this summer, this ankle length blue and off-white palazzo is what you’ve been looking for….you just didn’t know it. You’ll be looking so cool that the heat of the summer doesn’t have a chance against you.

Buy them here at 899 INR.

5. Foxy Sperks Gold-Toned And Peach-Coloured Stone-Studded Floral Necklace

This pretty peach neck piece is sure to be a favorite of yours. It knows no boundaries, as you can wear it with both formal and ethnic clothing. All you can be sure of is that it will make your outfit pop. Memorise it’s name, as no matter where you go, people are going to ask you all there is to know about it!

Buy it here at 639 INR.











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