A Heartwarming Letter From A New Mom To Her Husband Xyz

A Heartwarming Letter From A New Mom To Her Husband Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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A partner who is not my better half, but a whole part of my life.

I know, both of us loved the idea of being parents even before we planned to have a child and we love our child to the moon and back. I remember talking to you about how our life will change and we were very uncertain about this new phase. We are independent or are at least doing decently well for the family and always had the life we wanted. But you’d have to agree, we took our life for granted until the baby arrived.

We had a busy life but one that lacked discipline. It was full of long working hours, irregular meals, little or no time for fitness and so on. Of course, we have enjoyed every bit of our married life so far and as much as we may think that our ‘love life’ has gone for a toss, it really hasn’t. You and I both know, we are way more aware of our time and respect it better than before. There is so much more to look forward to in the day. More importantly, we are sharing our love for each other by raising this gorgeous angel. Isn’t our child an expression of our love?

I know young and new parents have difficulty coping with everything and being good at parenthood at the same time. I know you’ve never complained but there are times we share this tired look with each other. But the fact remains that we are never going to get these years back with our baby and it is right now that we get to make the most beautiful memories for our family. There was a time when we had our own parents around and could have left the baby with them for a few hours while we enjoyed a session at the spa, but we skipped it and took everyone out to the beach instead. I am glad both of us did so unanimously. See! That’s why we wouldn’t want this any other way even if we do think differently at times.

It doesn’t stop here, does it? I understand it is not going to be easy as our child reaches adolescence, but we will both get a chance to correct things we did wrong in our teens. Or things that should have been taught in a better way to us. It will be a beautiful chapter like the other ones we have shared in the past. So, let’s make most of this wonderful chance and welcome every phase with open arms.

I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else and I know we are happy to make our mistakes together and learn from them too.

Yours truly.











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