Abandoned Baby With 2 Inch Deep Skull Cavity Survives Xyz

Abandoned Baby With 2 Inch Deep Skull Cavity Survives Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Here’s a story of a little baby from Thailand. It is heartbreaking to see him race against time for his life. Miracles are one of the reasons to believe in God. If you find yourself losing faith just wait for a sign from God and miracles will happen at the right moment.

Simon Sama was born in Thailand in the month of January. He was born with an abnormally huge head. The doctors had tried draining out the accumulated fluid but in turn, it lead to a change in pressure inside the skull. Unfortunately, it has caused a fracture and his skull seems to have collapsed.

He is 8-months-old now and he has a 2 inch deep crack inside his skull. Reports suggest that his parents were told about this complication when he was still inside the womb. Ignoring the fair warning given my medical professionals, the parents still went ahead with the pregnancy.

Soon after birth, they abandoned him and left him with his grandmother who is 48 years old. His grandmother says that he’s battling against time to get a life-saving surgery which is quite expensive. His head still continues to bloat and grow with time and his life is in danger.

The grandmother also said that the baby is “Just like a vegetable”. He doesn’t eat, crawl, cry or talk or even walk like other children do. The way his crack in the skull keeps increasing, it is quite evident that there is more water accumulated in his skull and it keeps increasing each day.

When the doctors operated him for the first time, they were unable to drain out enough water. The operation had failed and left behind a 2-inch deep crater in the little one’s head. He was lifeless right after.

His heart beats but his brain is not able to receive and reserve any information. The family has lost hope for the child to survive and grow amongst the regular kids. Nobody knows..even the doctors don’t know if his condition will stabilize or get worse.

Currently, little Simon is waiting for an appointment in another hospital to know if his head needs more draining of water or not. It is scheduled for November and we all hope that he gets well soon!

Our prayers are with him!

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