Abdominal Pain During The First Trimester

Abdominal Pain During The First Trimester

28 Nov 2022 | 2 min Read

Dr Gitanjali Gnanavel

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Experiencing aches and pains during pregnancy is quite normal. Backpain, abdominal pain, pain in the pubic area, and groin pain are the most common complaints seen during pregnancy.

Women in their first trimester majorly tend to complain about lower back pain and abdominal pain.

As per the upper pain (just below the rib cage/chest) abdomen (epigastric pain), this pain mainly results from vomiting and gas problems and can be managed by mild medications or antacids.

Women who experience lower pain abdomen (below the umbilicus and just above the pubic area) should check for urine infection, motion (passing of stool) problems, or some issues related to pregnancy or the uterus. Women should get a urine examination to rule out the possibility of urine infection. Newly married women who get pregnant very early tend to experience urine infection during pregnancy. This condition is also known as honeymoon cystitis.

Another reason for lower abdomen pain is the stretching of the uterus that takes place to a certain extent in the first trimester. Additionally, pain in the right side or left side of the abdomen should not be ignored as it could be a result of an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus). Ectopic pregnancy also leads to bleeding from the vagina along with abdominal pain.

Lastly, constipation can also lead to abdominal pain. As constipation is very common during pregnancy, caused by the progesterone hormone which slows down digestion. To manage this, make sure you have a lot of water along with other fluids and follow a high-fiber diet.



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