Advantages Of Interacting With Your Baby During Pregnancy

Advantages Of Interacting With Your Baby During Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The bond that a pregnant woman shares with her unborn baby is difficult to explain. Many, if not all, pregnant women can be seen spending hours talking to their baby in the womb. From singing to talking, complaining to reading, they discuss everything under the sun with the baby. It gives them peace of mind, thereby helping them to cope with the pregnancy stress better. Strangely, the baby too seems to react and recognise the mother’s voice.

Many people are of the opinion that reading out to the baby during pregnancy is a healthy practice. Reading to a baby in utero is believed to aid in better brain development.

Various research and studies suggest that babies start to recognise and respond to voice during the last stage of pregnancy (especially in the last 10-11 weeks). The hearing ability of the fetus (nerves to the ear), and its brain development (neural system), take place around this period. During this stage, they slowly start getting accustomed and familiar with the outside language. Thus, reading out to the baby during this period will be beneficial in many ways.

Some research also suggests that reading out to the baby (in utero) on a regular basis may be instrumental in developing their brain and language skills (cognitive development). Listening to the same thing, again and again, may help the brain absorb and store information better. Their concentration levels may be greatly enhanced. However, while some babies may show an improved language skill or brain development (at a later period), exceptions can always be there. Nevertheless, interacting with your baby in the womb does have its own set of benefits.

When you read out to the baby daily, it starts connecting with your voice, thus bonding with you better. Apart from the mother, the father, as well as the other relatives and family members should also interact (talk, sing and read) with the unborn baby as much as possible. As a result, when the baby is born, he/she will recognise the voices, thereby feeling protected and more at ease in their presence. The bonding will be better and stronger.

Music is a great stress buster. During pregnancy, music comes as a much-needed relief for stressed out mothers. However, a stress-free environment is important not only for the mother but also for the baby growing within her. Unknown to many, soft and light music has the same soothing effect on your yet-to-be-born bundle of joy. The music helps the baby in the womb to relax better.

For many women, singing (lullabies or any soulful song) to their baby in the womb is an inexplicable feeling. They feel more connected to the baby. Many times, the baby too, responds to the music, as they recognise the voice and the music. This can also help in the development of the baby.











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