Insider Club Mum Akshita Agrawal On The Importance Of Me Time For Mums

Insider Club Mum Akshita Agrawal On The Importance Of Me Time For Mums

20 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read

Sayani Basu

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A new mum goes through a plethora of emotions like anxiety, fear, joy, and excitement after giving birth. From baby blues to new parent syndrome, it is a difficult phase for her and might cause severe mood disorders. Some mums also experience excessive anxiety that leads to postpartum depression.

During such times, a mum is advised to indulge in self-care and some me-time to deal with the situation. That’s exactly what Insider Club mum of BabyChakra Akshita Agrawal went through. In a candid conversation with BabyChakra, this mum to an adorable son Kriyansh and a cute daughter Nivriti shares the importance of me-time for mums.

me-time for mothers
Akshita Agrawal believes that “me-time” is a requisite for all mums for the sake of their mental health.

Akshita Agrawal’s Views On Having A Me-Time

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a working professional and currently reside in Bangalore. I love to put innovative ideas into play and love being an Instagram influencer during those “me-hours”

How has life changed after becoming a mum?

Life has taken a 360-degree turn after becoming a mum. I have an additional responsibility of taking care of my kids and I love being around my kids.

Often women experience post-partum depression. Did you experience the same?

After my first delivery, I experienced anxiety tremendously. I had stretch marks and put on weight. As a result, there were mood swings. It was an extremely difficult phase.

I managed to read a few blogs and books that helped me recover soon. I also made sure to spend quality time with my son who was an infant at that time. The sensitive touches rejuvenated my mood.

Do you think that managing ‘me-time’ is a must for every mother?

Yes, of course. “Me-time” is essential for your mental health. You can indulge in some self-care to uplift your mood. You can do yoga as it calms the mind.

Practising some light exercises after consulting your doctor can be a good idea. This will not only relieve stress and boost your energy levels but also strengthen your abdominal muscles.

How do you find the ‘me-time’ for yourself?

I am blessed with a supportive family and that has helped me to focus on self-care. We share a lot of responsibilities which gives me the much-needed ‘me-time.’

What’s the best thing about being a parent?

I enjoy spending time with my children and watching them grow into responsible individuals is the most satisfying thing for me.

I have also learned to be patient in this journey and am looking forward to more such new learnings.

Akshita Agrawal is a strong believer in equal parenting as it gives her some extra time to share with her husband.

What are your views on equal parenting?

The journey of parenting becomes more rewarding when both the mum and the father come into play. We should equally share parenting activities to reduce pressure from the partner.

For me, sharing the parenting load has also helped us have some “couple time” as well.

How has your journey been with BabyChakra as an Insider Club mum?

It has been amazing to be a part of BabyChakra. I am thankful to the team for allowing the mums to share their views and stories while helping to co-create a product.

I have been constantly reading parenting blogs on BabyChakra that have helped in bringing up my kids. The live sessions in the BabyChakra community have also helped me during my second pregnancy.

They have been sharing some wonderful insightful information, integral to a healthy pregnancy. I am truly an admirer of this community. 

Akshita loves to spend time with her little ones.

What makes BabyChakra the one-stop destination for your baby’s care products?

BabyChakra has a complete range of baby products for the little ones that have been formulated using certified natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested.

Plus, they offer impressive discounts on all their products so that the mums can shop their hearts out for their little ones.

How has BabyChakra helped you to find the perfect baby-care products?

BabyChakra has quenched my thirst for skincare products with natural ingredients for my kids.

A baby’s skin is still developing and is super-sensitive. That is why their tender skin requires only organic ingredients for the perfect nourishment.

According to Akshita Agrawal, “me-time” is a requisite for all mums. Personal choices take a backseat after having kids. That is why a mum should indulge in some “me-time”, integral to her mental health.

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