Alia Bhatt Loves To Read Baby Books To Raha: Here Are 5 Baby Books You Must Buy Too

Alia Bhatt Loves To Read Baby Books To Raha: Here Are 5 Baby Books You Must Buy Too

10 Mar 2023 | 6 min Read

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The doting new mum of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt, is undoubtedly setting the perfect example of how to balance motherhood as well as career. After her maternity break, the actress is back to her regular routine and was also snapped with her darling daughter Raha while flying out for a work schedule.

Alia also appeared in Elle magazine recently and spoke extensively about how the arrival of her daughter changed her life completely. She revealed her favourite bedtime routine with Raha and shared that she often reads baby books to her munchkin.

Read on as we bring you more details about what the new mum had to say about her little princess and their relaxing bedtime routine together. 

Alia Reveals She Reads Baby Books To Raha Regularly

Alia loves to share every bit of her motherhood journey with her fans, and during this interview, she also revealed that like most new mums, she has created a colour-coordinated wardrobe with her darling daughter.

However, the one ritual that Alia enjoys the most throughout the day is reading baby books to Raha. The new mum revealed that while Raha is still an infant, she listens attentively to all the stories.

Alia shared, “She is pretty small right now! But I love reading books to her as she listens very attentively.” In fact, Raha’s love for stories has now inspired the doting mum to launch baby books under her own brand, Ed-A-Mama. 

The mum stated, “I am planning to launch storybooks soon. I have a couple of ideas, but the thing is I am not very good with language. So, I may or may not write them. But my sister, Shaheen, will definitely be a part of this.”

Talking about the themes of the baby books, the actress revealed, “The idea is to release a set of nine books, which are based on emotions like kindness, joy, and hope.”

While your infant may not be able to hold a book yet, and may not learn the alphabet, it is never too early to introduce them to the wonderland of books. Reading to your baby offers them the building blocks they need for language development, and equips them to develop emotional and social skills.

What’s more? A 2019 study even found that babies who are exposed to stories regularly learn about 78,000 words per year. This exposure has a huge impact on their future language skills and is one of the easiest ways for parents to set their children up for academic success. 

In the next section, we give you more details about the benefits of reading baby books to your munchkin and the best ones to add to your cart.

Benefits Of Reading Baby Books To Your Little One

While your little one may not understand what you are saying, their brain benefits from reading in a number of ways.

  • Reading promotes emotional bonding: Reading aloud can strengthen the emotional bond between you and your baby. It exposes your baby to the sound of your voice, which can be soothing and reassuring to them.
  • Reading boosts brain power: Research shows that babies who are exposed to reading have more advanced mathematical skills and a larger vocabulary during toddlerhood. 
  • Reading introduces your baby to emotions: Your baby is exposed to emotions through the different sounds you use for reading. The way you speak conveys that words have meanings, and certain sounds mean different emotions.
  • Books expose your baby to visuals: By 3 months, your baby will start focusing their eyes on simple patterns in the books. Reading storybooks with vivid pictures can also expose your little one to a variety of letters, shapes, and colours.

5 Best Baby Books You Will Enjoy Together

Baby Books
Books can help expose your little one to different words, emotions, as well as rhythms / Image credit: Freepik

The Pout-Pout Fish By Deborah Diesen

The Pout-Pout Fish is a fun story of a fish and its journey through happiness and depression. The story revolves around a sad fish and other sea creatures who encourage the fish to smile a bit and be happy. The book has bright and understandable illustrations and you will love reading it to your munchkin.

Where’s Spot By Eric Hill

This fun and interactive book is about a dog and a cute little puppy who search for Spot. It has well-placed sentences and beautiful illustrations and will make your little one search for Spot with the cute puppy. The book also introduces your munchkin to different objects and animals.

Goodnight Moon By Margaret Wise Brown

This iconic bedtime story will definitely take your munchkin to dreamland. It has impeccable illustrations and its story revolves around a rabbit and his green room. The soft and calm rhythm of the book is perfectly appealing and it’s a great bedtime read.

Dear Zoo (A Lift-The-Flap Book) By Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo is a vividly interactive book with eye-catching illustrations. It introduces your little one to different zoo animals and defines each of their attributes as well. The book is perfect for adding imagination and curiosity to your munchkin’s thinking. 

Ditty Bird Children’s Songs

This children’s songbook is a great way to deliver illustrative artwork and different rhythms to your baby. It has push buttons that support language learning, and expose your little one to different rhythms. The book also encourages fine motor skills in your baby.


We totally understand why both Alia and Raha love this little bedtime ritual. Reading baby books helps foster an emotional bond with your baby, and also refines their language and fine motor skills. This one-on-one activity can also help soothe your baby and calm them before you put them to sleep.

So take a cue from our list of best baby books and opt for the ones you think are going to be a perfect fit for your little one.


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