All About Miscarriage

All About Miscarriage

27 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Pregnancy is a time of anticipation with unspeakable excitement for a mother-to-be. During the entire period, an expectant mother is nurturing thoughts about the baby she will get to hold lovingly in her arms very soon. But for some women, the day is destined never to be! “Miscarriage” is that dreaded word every woman who wants to be a mother would never ever want to utter, forget experiencing it. It is undoubtedly an unfortunate experience for any woman.

Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion happens when a woman loses her foetus within twenty weeks of pregnancy. Statistics show that among every hundred women who are expectants, there will be at least twenty five in them who will suffer miscarriages.

Signs of miscarriages:

Period-like pains and bleeding are the most commonly seen signs leading to a miscarriage. Getting in touch with a doctor at the earliest is recommended. Possibly an ultrasound scan is advised to check for a healthy heart-beat of the foetus to rule out a miscarriage even if bleeding occurs.

Causes of miscarriages:

There are multiple causes for occurrence of miscarriages. Further there is no way by which a miscarriage can be prevented from occurring. As a mother-to-be, when we visit a gynaecologist for the first time to confirm a pregnancy, we are generally asked a few questions about ourselves. This interaction helps the medical-care provider to understand the pregnancy condition better and help us.

Prominent questions like age, consistency of periods, any health abnormalities including within the family history are generally asked. It is important to confide in your doctor about everything you have to say at this juncture. Most of the times, the answers to a miscarriage which has occurred or subsequent suggestions on the way-forward after dealing with a miscarriage lie here in this very interaction.


Older women who are forty and above have more chances of miscarriage. Medically it is advised to try and conceive before a woman turns thirty five for a tension-free full term pregnancy and subsequently delivering a healthy baby.

Abnormal periods:

For women with a history of irregular periods, miscarriages can occur. Hormonal factors are to be blamed here. The lining of the uterus in women with long cycles will be very thin and will not have the ability to sustain an implantation.

Auto-immune abnormalities in blood:

There are cases in which blood clots get formed in the developing placenta leading to a miscarriage. This auto-immune blood disorder condition is termed as Lupus and is quite noticeably seen in women with recurrent miscarriage history.

Abnormal foetus:

In the initial months of pregnancy, gene and chromosomal abnormalities can trigger a miscarriage. Blood tests can reveal these conditions. Miscarriages can also occur due to the presence of fibroids or an incomplete cervix as well.

Possibility of preventing a miscarriage:

In few lucky instances, a miscarriage can be averted. For women with auto-immune blood disorder, usually a low dose of aspirin is administered to such women to help in thinning the blood and in turn preventing a blood clot. Likewise a stitch can mend an incomplete cervix and help in preventing a possible miscarriage. A genetic diagnosis can help in early detection of any abnormalities and relevant care and precaution can be taken.

Hope against hope:

A woman should never lose hope even after a miscarriage. Advancements in medical science has given a procedures like In-vitro fertilization (IVF) for their aid. Also it is widely reported that a majority of women suffering from blood clots also have delivered successfully after suffering from a miscarriage. The emotional trauma is beyond anybody’s imagination and only a woman who has suffered a miscarriage will know and understand it. Family support is very important after a miscarriage since the woman will be under a lot of stress after the loss.

Finally For all the women who have suffered a miscarriage, all I can say is strength defines a woman, so consider a miscarriage as a storm which will very soon blow away and a beautiful rainbow will show up. You will have your own rainbow baby for sure! Stay happy always.