All You Need To Know About Chickenpox Xyz

All You Need To Know About Chickenpox Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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They dry up if not meddled around with. They leave behind scars on the body. These poxes arise anywhere on the body from the tip of your scalp to the last point of the skin of your feet.

How is chickenpox caused?

It is caused by a virus known as ‘varicella zoster’. This disease is contagious and it can happen to anybody. It gets worse because it spreads quite immediately after coming in contact with an infected person.

Individuals who never had a shot of vaccination or has never ever had chicken pox are prone to acquiring it.

There are multiple ways it can get transmitted:

-If you’re in direct contact with a person who has the fluid filled blisters.

-If you are physically close to a person carrying the varicella zoster virus.

-Breathing in the small particles from a person suffering from chickenpox while they are coughing or talking.

Did you know?

On an average, a person can get around 200-250 blisters on the body.

What are the symptoms?

-Itchy rashes appear on the body and that’s a major sign that indicates chickenpox.

-You become a source of infection that could spread around 48 hours before the rashes begin darkening.

Just before your rashes could come you’ll experience a headache, fever, and loss of appetite.

-Within 2 days of these symptoms, you’ll see the typical ‘chickenpox rashes’ all over your body.

What are the different phases of these rashes?

Before you hit the road to recovery, you will see the following changes on your body:

-Tiny reddish pink bumps covering your body.

-These bumps get filled with some fluid and it begins to leak.

-They begin to heal by turning into the dead skin (the brown hardened skin).

How to deal with the rashes?

The rashes that appear on your body are going to be very itchy. It will make you uncomfortable and you will be tempted to itch yourself a LOT.

-Refrain from scratching yourself because if you do, you’ll be left with scars that are permanent.

-There will be the formation of new blisters throughout the time you’re infected.

-It generally takes 14 days to disappear completely, if you don’t scratch even a bit.

What to do if children have chickenpox?

-If your child has been infected by this virus, it is important for you to keep him away from everybody. You cannot let him attend his school or nursery or even go close to his friends.

-Since the virus can spread the easiest way 1-2 days before the rashes can occur till they become crusts, you’ll have to keep your child indoors.

-You have to keep them away from people especially new born babies and pregnant women.

-You’ll have to do his till the spots are turn into hard skin and begin to fall off on their own.

How to treat chickenpox?

People cannot do much till the virus passes throughout their body.

-They have to stay at home.

-Visit the doctor and take the medicines he prescribes for you.

-Apply special ointments that will help you reduce the urge to itch your body.

-Take lukewarm water baths and use unscented lotion on your body.

-Wear loose clothing so that it doesn’t itch your body.

-If your doctor has suggested antiviral medicines, it is to help your system heal and make it stronger. If your immune system is strong, the affectivity of the virus will decrease.

Therefore quicker recovery!











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